Our Lyle

My Loveable Lyle

He just went to heaven this late afternoon, and I'm crying hard. It's almost midnight...

I can't deal with death. Too much...Too much of it.

"Why do the young die! Why does anybody die?", asked Zorba of the universe.
Especially the most innocent.
The naive, somewhat gawky, self-conscious and totally loving Lyle...
A little out of it, sort of in his own mind most of the time.
The tallest, longest cat I've ever met or seen.
Just like a gray Mountain Lion, long, thick tail, long limbs and that same kind of slow, leaning walk...and same gorgoeus, beyond gorgeous perfect Art Deco diamond shaped face and immense, staring eyes...

Rescued by us, Lyle and his Brother, Jako, re-named from less flattering names, both Russian Blues or mixes, had been abandoned even though they had been de-clawed, at ten years of age.
Cruel to abandon cats at any age, it is even worse to take elderly cats away from the only life they'd known and much worse, if they have been de-clawed, which is a horribly abusive practice.

Stuffed into a cage, a small one for these two very large boys, both listless and having given up on life, heart-broken, since cats and dogs as well as all other animals, including us, know when we're being abandoned, they were overweight and merely clung, literally, to each other for dear life.

Seeing this, and the fact that they were Brothers, we decided to rescue them in order that these two very bonded guys could always stay together.

Jako fended for them both, and his stress level and the way he scounges and can hardly be trusting at all lets us know that they'd had a terrible time in life, and that their closeness was something magical.

Lyle, the largest, tall boy of the two, with his slow walk, always deferred to his brother, Jako, as with real twins, and was not at all on high awareness level that Jako always is.
He took a backseat to everything and merely low-keyed his way through life.
So easy to love Lyle, he was sweetness and shyness personified.

My Darling Lyle

I am in such grief, that I know the only resolution is to give the love for Lyle to the others who need me - especially to his stricken Brother, Jako.

Lyle, My Loveable Lyle





not strong

long bodied

long tailed

he'd walk

he'd sail


with elegance

with tranquil grace

a calming look

upon his face

his fur so silvery

a slow refinery

of innocence

self consciousness

so shy

the tallest cat

a knowingness

a winsome way

i so will miss

throughout my days

I will love you, Lyle

Loveable Lyle

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Lyle, My  Loveable Lyle

Sometime between after three and six thirty, Lyle simply died.

My Lyle.

Someone has horribly named him and his brother-soulmate ,and when I rescued the brothers, I gave them new, though similar-sounding, names.

A scrounger, the fiesty, aware brother, Jako had always clearly taken care of his taller, winsomely vacant and a little awkward but adorable brother, Lyle.

For two years now, the two twelve year old sibling Russian Blue Toms have lived with us, adopted from a tiny cage in a parking lot of a pet charity on an "adoption" drive, and these siblings were elderly and newly-abandoned, both grossly overweight, terrified, and clinging, iliterally, to each other.

I knew they'd be adopted apart, since I had asked the administrators, and so we acted immediately in ofder to keep the brothers together forever.

I had planned it to be forever, or at least for another good ten years.

But things can go wrong.

Today, stunned and sorrowful, I seem to see him everywhere I look - or wherever he should be.

I recall his little actions, walk, sounds, personal foibles and uniquely adorable traits.

The sudden passionate clinging he'd do, the way he'd melt into his brother when they'd go to sleep, the amazing vocalizations he could summon when food was around...countless little, precious ways about Lyle I'll always remember - and always miss.

His "doll", a smallish gorilla btoy, he'd climb up into the blak cabinet top and get the stuffed toy and carry it down to the ground, growling and making strange loveydovey noises as he'd bite its'neck and coo and hold it in a tight embrace for a long while, going into a trance.

I regret that I still had not moved that toy over for Lyle when we moved three months ago.

He'd sat on my lap just this week and done what I call, when cats who've been taken too young from their mothers, a "walkywalky" thing with their front paws, and he'd done that passionatley and had been very kittenish.

Lyles always melted me, and all of us, with his simple, childish, shy personality.

He'd come a long, long way in coming out of his shell, as had his brother, and I"d assiduously catered to them , fended for them, both de-clawed boys, and even though the tough bro, Jako, would rush the other cats to intimidate them, Lyle had alwyas taken a back seat to everything and semed to lived in his own little world.

But getting the many and myriad treats I"d dole out to them had become his avocation, and just this morning, I"d seen him begging for things at the side of the sink.

It's possible the omnivorous duo, or just Lyle, ahd gotten into something really bad, liek even under the stove where I"d seen his hyper-active fellow rescued cat, one from Katrian's wake, Trip, reaching earlier in the day - someting like "pest control" possibly, left there by previous vacationers that I could not find when I had cat-proofed the residence myself.

No tellling.

But my ssweetie Lyle was sort of dumb. Sweet and dumb. And totall loveable.

The tallest, longest, long-legged and very long tailed cat I've ever seen, his lanky form alwsays made him sway slowly like a mountain lion. His face, his beautifully exquisite art deco face, just like a mountain lion's with a perfect diamond shape and that long tail and also the immense eyes, just shaped like aone.

He was indirect and this morning, as he sat sweetly watching whatever I was doing at the sink, I leaned my head over to tough foreheads. He wasn't yet apprised of this socalled cat practice of kinship, and i did it again, and he got it and enjoyed it.

I held his bushy, slightly subtly striped long, long tail in my hands one last time, stroked his long, elegant body, and we wrapped him in a gold-toned blanket - "our" color - and put him in a plastic tub.

When Jako got out of the bathroom to which I'd assigned him so his already in shock heart wouldn't break again, he went on a calling and sniffing expedition around the house. 

Someone had already taken his brother's body outside.

Jako called, and jerked his head all around, searching the house in all the areas for his brother.

It continued for awhile.

I held Jako just now in my lap and he gently searched my eyes for answers and crooned to me.

He's in pain and none of the cats spoke this evening at all.

Jako has gone to bed in a pasteboard box on to pof the fridge where they both liked to rest - always, throughout their lives - together, until tonight.

The huge, traumaticed eyes met mine just now when I went to reassure him.

And now winter is coming and he'll have to stay warm without his Lyle.

And my plans for him - Lyle, who looked like a handsome prince charming version, a perfect counterpart, of Baby Thing, who's already in Heaven, have gone up with his soul--