Our Junior

My Portrait of Junior, Reclining On His Favorite Satin Comforter On HIs Settee in the Afternoon Sun

My seven-toed, adorable black cat boy, with the most beautiful green eyes I've ever seen - eyes I used to look through as I'd hold him under the big skylight and feel like I was looking into the clearest sea water, and surrounded by the deepest of velvety black fur, his eyes were even more gorgeous and rare.

There is a great Victorian poem in a sweet cat book for Junior my mom sent us, since Junior was my baby boy, her grandchild, that contained many cat poems, and the only phrase I can recall now is "I would take you to the opera, were you not my cat...", speaking of his extreme beauty - eyes like jewels, shining fur, etc. I cherish that cat book, since it was Junior's baby book, with his weight, size, statistics, stories, photos, and more. I'm so happy I now have so many details about him, an intense, quick-minded guy, an effortlessly cool guy, and a willful guy who knew his own mind. We respected one another.

Junior, Deep into His Thoughts, Relaxing in His Favorite Place, at His Fireplace in His Malibu Beach Pad

Hyperactive, with a huge wild streak that could never have been quelled, Junior also had a sweet tenderness for me, and when I would sit on the carpeted stairs under the skylight,  Junior lying on his back on my knees, we looking into each others' eyes and speaking intimately, he'd gently place his largish paw on my cheek while he'd convey with his look that he adored me.

His paws were large for his size, since he had seven toes.

He broke out of the house, one moonlit night, while I was out, having torn part of my "Heidi Window" asunder with his claws, probably lured forth by the coyotes he was trying to drive away from us, in protective mode.
Junior had the heart of a Tiger.
It had been the hottest day of the year, and possibly this was a reason too, that Junior felt he must go outside and wander in the magical woods next to the sea.

No matter.
The next day, and for many days afterward, I searched the hills for him.
I posted photos and fliers, and I wept.

My Black Velvet Boy was gone.
But never, ever forgotten.
He was only three.

Junior Giving Me The Look Of Love - His Eyes Were a Uniquely Mesmerizingly Gorgeous Sea Green

How Junior's Hyper-Behavior Was Healed 

Junior's Beloved Sister:

Our Cuddles

My Crazy, Jr. 

Black Guy

My Blackie

The Twin Black Boys

Keep your cats indoors.
Spay and neuter.
They will live longer and healthier.
And make sure that whomever you employ to watch your babies will swear to keep the doors closed and your cats inside, no matter what.