Our Cuddles

There will be photos of Cuddles sometime soon, and meanwhile, Cuddles's story:

Cutie Pie and Cuddles, Brother and Sister, were adopted as Babies, had been left in a pasteboard box at a sidewalk, and adopted immediatley on seeing by My Daddy, who then brought them in to me.

Cuddles, still a kittne, but an older one, somehow got outside under an older siblings's legs, ran across the large yard and toward traffic. He died immediatley, and despite my fervent questions, no one would tell me what had happened to Cuddles, a mystery that followed me all my life, until a few years ago, I had a nightmare in which I was a frantic little toddler, following and pulling on adults' skirts, ;pants, anything and asking in my baby voice, "Where is Cuddles?" to the best of my ability, and they had decided not to tell me they knew He would never come home again.
So, when this nightmare occurred, I called and older sibling and found out, yes, that they'd known that Cuddles was hit by a car, had hidden the truth from me, and I had toddled around for months asking people.

Now, I know, at last, at least, that He was safely tucked into a grave at a Home I can still drive by when in the region.

And when Cutie Pie went to Heaven at the advanced age of 17, they were Together again.

I love you, Cuddles! I always will! One day we will ALL be togehter again in Heaven! You'll all come to get us, one by one, to escort us so we'll all know it's all OK! Thank you, God, for Our Family Pack!