Our Cloud

Cloud, Still in Mourning For His Original Man, Getting Used To Us

Cloud was ten, we were told, when we rescued him from an over-crowded shelter, in which he was clearly miserably placed among junglesful of feral, clawed alley cats.
His man had died, and his lady had dropped him off there to a fate unknown.
He was clearly in mourning, and had a terrible name to contend with - one that made him even more miserable and should only have been applied to a wimpy librarian.
Cloud, having been de-clawed by his people who had supposedly loved him (how could anyone do this to a cat? Is furniture all that matters? People this pricky should not be allowed to adopt pets or children!), was at the mercy of this army of wild cats and his voice had become an instrument of growls and warnings. 
He was in a state of constant stress and this was no way for an older man to live.

We instantly adopted him, named him Cloud - a noble, Native American name - a macho name for a regal, brave being, and gave him the respect he deserved in his new home in a new life.

I had never thought I would have a Persian cat in our household, since we will only take the most needy adoptions, and they seldom are, but Cloud, being elderly and in this bad state - plus he was untended, his fur filled with both fleas and dredlocks, and in constant stress - fit the bill, and I was happy to receive this highly-intelligent guy and to try to cheer him up - after all, he'd lost his beloved man, his home, and had been betrayed and abandoned by his lady while in mourning.

 Cloud, Happy Again - Beloved

 Our Cloud was more than a trooper.

Entrancingly beautiful, with pale sea green eyes, his face was flawless - Heavenly - Divine.

Knowing him as I do now, had, I'd begun to call him the "Little General", not citing Napoleon, but rather Patton, who was regal, spectacular, white-haired, as was Cloud, and always herding people around, unlike the Emporer.

Cloud enjoyed being in safe surroundings, but he also wanted to be in the fray of things - directing the dogs and other cats, and us.

That too-beautiful face and form melted everyone, though, causing Cloud to be even more tough, to prove himself even more as a masculine and strong-minded person.

Cloud was already ten when we'd adopted him, so he lived almost thirteen years.

That's still a nice life length, even though we have , and have had, other cats who've lived much longer.

Every being is unique, and all of us have different levels of both attachment and of sensitivity.
Cloud had bonded once, and once only, essentially, with his original man, who had died.
Although he came around to an extent, and was very loving, and would receive attention gladly, his soul had been traumatized by both his abandonment and by his year of being in a shelter, having been adopted twice and returned.
The idea that we, his last family, were permanent, came too late for his complete happiness, but he was grateful and enjoyed many things in his life with us, like lining up with the doggies and cats to ask for food - we called him "The Little General", since his alpha personality caused him, although he was smaller, older, and not relaly tough-looking, to call the shots at our house.
We always gave him the respect he craved, and despite looking like a cottonball, he was very macho.
My experience with Persian cats is that they would give anything to look like street cats and to get the respect they deserve, rather than the "Ooohs and Ahhs" their beauty and cuteness elicits.
Cloud was like that.
I allowed him to call the shots, and he loved it.
He also loved being in the almost top place in the bedroom with us - deferring only to the two eldest cats. He was satisfied.
The intensity of his battles with fleas had caused many repeated dosages with products, in that shelter, and his health never really returned.
Fragile, and pale-gummed, the Little General's quality of life declined more early in life than it should have, and he died after only three years with us.
The vet couldn't repair his weakness, and frankly, he had been dispirited ever since losing his man.
We're content that Cloud is now in Heaven with that man, and I felt his presence as I held Cloud as he took his last breath in my arms.
He will alway be missed.
I'll never forget the beauty of this magestic being, and I had, all my life, as do all litlte girls, dreamed of adopting a long-haired white cat.
He had been the culmination of a life-long dream of a little girl, and the dream of the grown-up woman to help only those beings in extreme need.
God had provded both in Cloud. He was always a great Blessing to me. I pray I was one to him.
Handsome, Wistful, Intelligent, Insightful Cloud. His Entrancing Pale, Sea Green Eyes Shining

For Cloud's Weakness:

Natural supplements from the health food store

Real food, not dry, and veggies and brown rice


Lots of privacy and rest, Sunny window to sit it

Flea Control

Only Frontline seemed to work for Cloud, and even then, not always

Keeping a flea-beseiged pet away from any pets who go outdoors is ideal.

We weren't able to isolate him completely from our dogs. Our cats are indoor, but the dogs do go out.

With flea control on them, the dogs, some still might escape. And going to the vet, the dog beach, et al, brought them.

We did our best for Cloud, and he knew it.

Some pets will never thrive to their potential, after having been abandoned.

Please remember - there is ALWAYS another way to live WITH KEEPING your pets.

Even when finances, etc. are not ideal, keeping one's family together is mandatory to quality of life for all. You might live in a different place, but you will cut your own human life short if you abandone someone you love and have responsibility for, so do the right thing.

Keep your pets.

Enigmatic, Thoughtful, Pensive Cloud, with his Winter Coat, Politely Awaiting Dinnertime

And remember - NEVER buy from breeders. ALWAYS adopt from shelters. Rescuing those whose lives would be taken for no reason except that their places are taken by breeders' irresponsible and vicious over-breeding is a wonderful blessing, and every pet you rescue will enrich your life beyond measure.
Breeders had caused the inherent weakness in our Cloud who came from an overly-bred population.
Help us drive breeders out of business.
They are cruel and cause the deaths of billions of otherwise-adopted pets in shelters every year.

King Cloud, The Wise, Thinks His Own, Private Thoughts, Savors His Memories, and is Cosmic - A Buddha of a Cat Boy

Cloud, thought you are among the clouds now, my heart will always be filled with thoughts of you.
You truly enchanted me, loved me in a uniquely charming way, and taught me many things.
I, too, was grieving, when I had met you, as you were for your Man who'd died.
Rescuing you to restore you to happiness aalso restored me.
We were good for each other, and I will always think of you whenever my eyes turn Heavenward, and I see bounteous, beauteous clouds overhead.


I had long pondered why Cloud had died - why the good tending, great environment and food and wonderful love he enjoyed was not enough to grant him a long, long life.
Without sounding too cosmic, I believe in God, and I often pray for answers to things that affect me.
Without consciously asking Him, He ansered me this way - I ran across the name of Cloud's original person - the lady who'd turned him in, on his adoption papers, and I looked her up.
At virtually the same time as Cloud went to Heaven, so did his lady.

So I believe that, as much as Cloud loved me, loved all of us, that intense sadness that we could not completely erase had held his heart in his original family, and when his man had died, his lady was in poor health and really could not care for him properly, so she had placed him in the best no-kill sanctuary she could at the time.
God did the rest.
Allowing me to be in that town at that time, and so on.
Cloud went to be with his people, with whom he was completely bonded.
I had claimed his secondary love - but for me, it was just as great a gift.

Now I feel fine about Cloud.
He's in God's Hands.