My Bunny

Now, almost one year and four months later, I can hardly bear to put my precious Bun Bun's name on this page, which means She's actually gone...
My Beautiful, Perfect Green-Eyed Princess, the most innocent and loving...She of the high-pitched kitten voice, the shy, timid Girl who lived to be almost, but for three weeks, twenty years old, died at nineteen lyring next to me.
She'd merely declined, had become too thin, after I'd always jokingly chastised Her for wanting to over-eat... and then I'd prayed that She'd eat enough!

Photos Don't Show the Intense, Pale, Lime Green of my Bunny's Eyes, but this one shows Her Soulfulness and Great Beauty!

I stayed with Her for those last days every moment, right next to my Bunny, and i wrote this poem for Her on the day before the day She died:


as soft as she can be

a gentle finery

the sweetest girl

a silver swirl 

of daintiness


the faintest voice

good always


her choice

the best cat 

I've ever seen


immense eyes of green

shining with the innocence

of Love

She stayed as sweet as a kitten, as soulful as any being can be, and as wise as only a saint can be. She was as entrancing as were her bright green eyes - the greenest I've ever seen.

Bun Bun in Her Lounging Mode, Having Been Brushed for Nighttime Slumber

Bunsy was a simple Girl, unassuming, earnest, and open, although she would run and hide if anyone else was around. She was very much a home girl, and did have some rampaging days, a few years outside, but she was not as athletic after being a youngster as many cats, but she was the one who did a trick! Yes! She and I had a trick together She had invented! She'd stand up on two legs to reach my hand when I'd hold it up high and grab it and sometimes just touch it! And I'd say, "Up, Up, Up!" and She'd reach ever higher!

How I miss my Girl! No one was ever more sympathetic or warm, but cuddling closely just wasn't Her thing, but Her warm, enormous green eyes would melt in empathy and she'd come close when I was sad or feeling lonely.

My sweet Bun Bun would look intensely at me with her huge, melting eyes, and ask for what she wanted - often food, and often, petting.

The photo on the right shows how immense and tender her gorgeous green eyes were - how utterly unique she was and how entrancing, like a fairytale princess she was.

Sweet, Soulful Bunny Playing our UpUPUP Game!

But - Bunny, in the scariest episode of my life, when my love interest, a sleep-walker, had suddenly become violent in the middle of the night, attacking me with glazed eyes, truly not knowing what was going on, as I screamed and tried to defend myself against the twice-as-big-as-I strong male who was kneeling on my ribs and choking me, not hearing my screams - he thought he was in a life-or-death fight with a guy in his dream ! - Bunny, the most gentle cat I've ever seen in my life, came alive, and attacked him with her claws, screaming at him and jumping on him again and again! Bunny saved my life!

I couldn't believe that my little shy Girl who never had even hissed in her life, let alone fought with anyone, and had merely run and hid if another cat had come against her, was willing to give her life up to save me.

Anyone who says that only dogs or other species sacrifice themselves just do not know the heroicism in cats.

This alone has made my closeness with my Bunny more than special.

She and the Gray Family are MY Family - my true Family.

I miss Her terribly, and her loving, soulful looks - her open, innocent charm, her soft, gentle voice and those beautiful, beautiful eyes.

Some say that our pets are really angels, and I know my Bunsy was even more angelic than any angel could ever be.

I used to call her Bunnywunnymunchkin, Bunnishkiwa, Bun Bun, and Bunsy on occasion, and I had a special lilting call for her, "Bunnn neee". My good Girl would always answer. I wish that She'd appear now in spirit form, but I know that She's near....

Bunny was called "Bright Eyes" by our neighbor, her "Uncle", who adored her and also marvelled at her uniquely immense and clear lime green eyes, like new Spring foilage! Not only were they huge and round, but her other facial features were beautiful beyond compare! Now, all cats are beautiful or handsome, but Bunny's little tipped-up nose and her wide forehead and slender jaw gave her a beauty that made her stand out. Her silky silvery gray fur adorned her medium frame and her cute way of sitting a little sideways and of peering soulfully gave her additional charisma.

Tiny Baby Bunny, Playing! Most Precious Perfect LIttle Baby Girl!

I had recently adopted a large Tom from a neighbor who wasn't home much and the Tom, Teddy, had taken to sleeping near me, even on my roof! Anything to be able to move in with me, so I had asked if it was OK, and his third Daddy allowed Teddy to choose his real Home - with Me!

THEN! A little gray kitten Girl, and Teddy was also gray, followed Teddy home one day and we couldn't find from where she had come! So anyway, before I'd had a chance to get Teddy neutered (and I didn't know much about this at the time or I would NEVER have hesitated a moment!), and the kitten girl, Baby Thing, seemed much too young to procreate. 

Famous last words!

So the four little Darlings were born April, 1991, and of the four, one of the two Boys still lives with me - and I live for HIm! Bunny's lifetime 'twin' is now 21 and almost a half.

So, the landlord having forced me to give one to another neighbor - and I had decided it would be Bunny - since I wanted to keep what I thought was the Brother and another male kitten, (one of the newborns had not survived, a little bitty Boy named "Little Boy Blue")...but Bunny hid herself SO well when they arrived to take her, wanting, determining, that She would stay with me forever...the littlest one who I had thought was a Boy turned out to be a Girl! Tiny Boy, named changed to Tiny Girl, lol! She had run up to the man, his wife and little boy with a heartful of love, so I had no choice, although She, Tiny Girl, had been the one so like her Mommy, Baby Thing, with lighter, pearly, very soft fur and a little flat face, diminuitive, dainty, and feisty, (she lived only two years just over the hill - I'm sure all the Grays visited each other - I avoided seeing Her due to wanting to keep Her so much! Meanwhile, Bunny, more sturdy and more like Her Daddy, Teddy Bear, got to keep me! And Her Parents and Her Brother! All long-livers, She had a dreamy life!

Mommy Baby Thing and the 3 Surviving Kittens, Boy, Tiny Girl, and Bunny

Beautiful Bunny, Exquisite Beauty, Bunny, in Her last year - still so youthful! (On laundry and bedding duty - she loved to help! )Notice her delicate and gorgeous features! Her perfect face! Her elegant build! And soft fur! 

Bunny's last week was filled with IVs, fluids, Pedialyte and rainy days at the window.

She stayed warm and close to me and to Her precious, beloved Brother who kept Her warm.

She died while I was petting Her, very, very gently, and talking to Bunny about Her Daddy, Her Mommy, and Her Brother and Sister in Heaven.

I realize that My Bun Bun had had a very blessed life. Who else gets to choose where he or she lives? With whom? Not many. And She only knew bliss, kindness and goodness.

I have done one good thing in life at least - and that is the raising of these two Babies, and I feel so blessed to still have Bunny's Brother with me now, July, 2012. Bunny had gone to Heaven in March, 2011.

But Heaven is never far away...

Allowing, now, the grief to pass through me.

Alone. Solitary, but for the Cherished Ones, the Pets, and especially, my fellow in mourning, Beauregard.

He's now napping under the Princess Pavillion that, only two months and six days past, stood guard over my precious Bunny, Beau's sister.

I'm playing soft and tragic music, and mourning her - She, of nineteen years and almost twenty at my side constantly, sweetening the years, drying my tears...

She was the most perfect being I've ever known, the sweetest, very sweetest presence in my life, and even the most protective.

But now, my Beau is in that next dimension. He stays near my heart always, literally, and I see him there, feel him, as he and I will never, never be parted, even by death.

He and I have been together longer than with anyone, for 22 years! Of only blissfulness and pure Love!