My Beau

On this day, 22 years ago, My Beau, My Son, was born.
April 14, now 2013, he almost made his birthday, entering the next dimension, instead, on January 2 of this year.
Only around six weeks short - the period of gestation, meaning that he did, in fact, live 22 full years.
Remarkable for a Cat Boy!

Entrancing Baby Beau

Beauregard, "handsome to look at" is the meaning of his name, was entrancing even as a newborn. Secure, unhurried, never worried, he was blessed with complete faith and a charmed life.
He so well deserved it!

My closest Family member, my own "personal Cat", my confidant, my sleeping cuddle "Toy Boy", the one who has been with me the longest of anyone in my entire life, Beau is with me still. I have never felt so much the presence of one who has been in the next dimension before - but he will be with me always - this I know.

Beau, Always an Angel

I have put it off for more than 3 months, since January 2, 2013, when he went into the next dimsnion while staying with me.

My own Boy

my own Joy

with me longer

than any other

in life

My preciousness

All tenderness

and harmony

no strife

Blissful One


so trusting



his eyes

filled with love

his ways


secure in the world

all understanding

he taught me


to Love

He's one with my soul

will always be

the primary One

who stays with me

in this or the next


no matter what

he's with me


An Angelic presence, he blessed my life more than anyone I have ever known, and I feel so honored to have been - to still be - the recipient of so pure and vast a love! And for so many years!

Precious Beauregard in Field of Lavender Flowers at 20 Years Young

This was one of the poem I had written for my Darling Brother and Sister Twins, Beau and Bunny

For Beau and Bunny Who Are Now Almost Twenty Years Young!!! My Sweet Kitten Boy and Kitten Girl!!!

Constant Companions

Longer in Life

Than anyone other

and no toil, no strife

wa ever between us -

only is Love

the lasting agent

from up Above

Heavenly Beings

My Sweet Kitty Kats,

Let's Keep Getting On

Let's Hang Out And Chat!

Forever, From Now On!

My Truest Loves

My True Family, 

We Three WIll Alwyas Be


in Love



Baby Toddler Beau Reaches the Top of Their Climbing Toy Under the Cut Glass Table, I Put it There So The Kittens Would Have a Joyous Time Figuring Out the Clearness!

More Beau Baby Photos, Bunny, Sister/Twin, on Left.They lived happily together for almost 20 years, until Bunny went to Heaven.

My Handsome Beau Walking in Spring Flowers
We only took Beau outside for the first time in 14 years, for daily walks with us only, in order to give Him something to look forward to to save Him from intense grief over losing His Sister, Bunny

Beau was Only Outside For the Daily Walks with Me in the 2 and one half Last Years of His Life After Sister, Bunny Had Gone to Heaven. Here Beau is Reveling in A Spring Field

Sweet, Adorable Baby Beau Climbs to Top

Beau in Patterned Leaves

Bunny and Brother, Beau at 17

Gorgeous Beauregard Chilling in the Music Room

Beau Rides in Front Seat on Trip - Always Cool Beauregard

My Favorite Adult Photo of My Beau:

Beau My Beau Born Free Again

He had so recently lost Bunny, his twin and life-long companion of 19 years, and so, for the first time in over a decade, we decided to let Beau go outside for brief walks with us, and
in this photo, his interest in life had perked up and he was once again, Beau of the Jungle. His spirit was amazing, his soulfulness, unrivaled in all my life. I adore him still.
I miss him every day...

Beau Prances in the Park

Beau Beautiful Charming Beau the Most Handsome Cat in the World

Precious Beauregard Snoozing in the warm clothing just out of the dryer

He was so mystical, so soulful, the most trusting of me of any Pet I have ever had...utterly trusting and loving, sweet, tender-hearted and still very much a guy, brave, independent, and very wise.