Sunny, My Sunshine

You Are My

Poem by Ocean for Sunny


Whitened Gold



My Doggy Loved

The Winding Surf

And Swimming Seals

And Flying Birds

His Chewy Toys

His LIttle Treats

And Love

Are All He’d 

Ever Need

And Running Free

Upon Our Beach

And Jumping For

Things Out of Reach

I see you now

in Heaven’s shore

awaiting us

whose love you bore


all your life

when things would bring us

only strife

But you

our heart’s fine recompense

our refuge from

others’ indolence

You’d bring your eyes

and look inside

and find the laughter

where it would hide

And take us out

to Sunny times

for exercise

and fun and games

Whenever I

Need lifting up

Now I look at

Your Photograph

Where Sunshine reigns

Beyond Our Souls

And Smiles Erupt

In Answer To 

Your Everlasting


Our Sunny Boy, Entrancingly Joyous at His Beach