Our Ra

Ra the exquisite, ultimate Handsomeness

It's crushing me now, the idea of losing Ra, just a brief couple of weeks ago, at the very end of summer.

he was the epitomy of a summer boy.
An African by blood, a Rhodesian Ridgeback, so sleek and athletic, so fast, so ingenious with his acrobatic prowess, including his perfect surfing ability and perfection in agility things, gallopping around like a horse, leaping so high that it was unimaginable - like the Salukis he was kin too - even climbing ladders in our pool to go to the diving board, where he'd execute absolutely graceful dives..

I miss him so...playing outside with him was a supreme joy, taking him to the beach, where he'd swim with us the whole time,...just seeing his beautiful, entrancing, wide smile, dimples and all, and gazing into those liquid golden-brown, soft eyes with the Egyptian eyeliner, natural, of course, that called me to name him after the ancient sun god.

He was sunny in disposition, and I always said that, if Sunny and Thor had had a child, he would have been Ra.

I am having such a difficult time, missing him so much.

For almost thirteen years we had been blessed to have him live with us, having rescued him, starving, on a major highway. How could so many have driven by - I mean milllions - of people had seen this little puppy, skeletal, and his mom-figure, too, who had kept him safe somehow. He'd obediently hidden in the bushes when she'd make him, and she, too, Ish Ish, had been tragically thin. They had woo-wooed dirt for days after we'd saved them...