Our Ish Ish

Portrait of a Goddess, IshIsh, Our Princess

Her soulfulness was beamed through Her amazingly clear, light-colored, warm brown-copper colored eyes, always beamed at a steady, pure gaze, trusting, wise, deep, totally open, just as was Her soul.

Most people mispronounce the name of the ancient Egyptian Goddess of Love and Beauty, not knowing that there is a dot on top of each is, and they misspell it as 'Isis'. 

As in Fairytales, some Princesses are born in hovels, and need rescuing before their true identity is known. Also, with Goddesses.

This Beautiful Rottweillor Girl was found while speeding through a wild, bayou swamp hundreds of miles long, with no settlements in sight. She was skeletal, and yet, no one out of the millions of cars that had doubtless seen her for weeks ever had stopped.
We did, and She, Heroine in addition to Her innate royalty, was hiding a little Rhodeisan Ridgeback pup in the weeds nearby while she foraged for them both.

Rescuing them immediately, they came into the car with our other Doggies and fit right in. 
She, Queenly, dignified, sweet, with a kind dispostions, smiled at us and has been grateful for every day she's had in ten years with us. We don't know Her age. The vet surmised maybe five or so then, and her adopted Baby is huge and handsome.

She went to Heaven peacefully pre-dawn yesterday, on Father's Day.

When we met her, she had, the vet told us, had heartworms for some time, and had at one time in the past been hit by a car with no medical help. She was crippled and could then use only three legs.
It was so pitiable!
Such a Beautiful and brave, Heroic Girl!

Within a year, She could use all four legs, could run, jump for balls and was a natural Surf Goddess, even the first time she ever got onto a surfboard!

Poised, graceful, feminine, She was always very attentive, communicative and compassionate to every being. Freindly, soft-voiced, and just an Angelic Presence every day of Her life!

Gorgeous, Streamlined IshIsh in Action - This Girl who could not even use but three legs  when we rescued Her, and She, Us! 

Ish had hanging udders, indicating She had been bred. We speculate, since they were both purebreds, that She and Her charge had escaped from a breeding farm, and since She was a Katrina Storm refugee, possibly when the waters rose they were able to escape.

How I miss her already!

Splendid Beauty, Ish

My Girl! I would talk to Her all day long, we'd go on car outings, just us Girls, would go out at night on little shopping sprees, would go to Dog beaches, drive to civilized cafes who also served Dog People, and She was always a perfect companion. We'd also take walks at night.

She was the apple of Her Daddy's eyes, and they were able to spend lots of quality time together. At the end of Her life, he would carry her in his arms to sit outside and to stroke and brush Her. 
 Soulful Beauy, IshIsh

She knew how dearly She was adored! 
And we promised Her to take perfect care of Her Boy, and of Her other adopted Kids, Her Cats, Her everyone.
She understood so much and we had our own private language. 

Ish communicating to us. She was remarkable!

Above, Ish's goofy, sweetsweet grin of pure Love, and below, IshIsh swims, adoring the warm summer seas. The seas miss her this summer. She only got a few swims then felt closer to God.

This poem was written when Ish had rallied, and we had a fervent, passionate, pathetic hope that She could continue on the earth plane with us awhile longer...
My IshIsh
 by Ocean

IshIsh is such a Dish

such a beautiful Girl

IshIsh, gorgeousness

Is a real Goddess

She hid little Ra 

in the bulrushes

just iike Moses' Mama

And, She, a Princess too

did what she gotta

to save her Little Boy

She's a Heroine

She, so exquisite

so Divine

is like 

No Other

Named for the Goddess

of the Nile

of Beauty and of Love

God kisses her with


from up above

and blesses us with

Her presnece

every single day

cuz we're the ones 

who lucked out

that important day

we saw her frame

her skinniness

from the fast highway

her beautiful black coat

her lovely ways

we stopped, of course,

to help Her out

by this, we saved Her life

Hers and little bitty Ra's 

and we all got rescued!

Thank You GOD!

And yes, Thank you, God, for blessing us with IshIsh for years and years...

Farewell, my Darling Girl! I know that God is adoring you know as you deserve.