Our Sunny Boy and All Our Dogs

That's Our Sunny, as always, leading the Pack - That is, Our Family, Sunny's Pack, in everything - even into Heaven - with Little Bro, Thor in chasing their favorite ball.

Our Dogs

Sunny was the first to go.
Live fast, Die young was his own, personal way.
He was ever in a hurry. Now we know why - he sensed his would be a shortened life.

Our Dogs

You Are My Sunshine

by Sunny's Person



Our Sunny

Our Sunny was so charismatic, and so personable, that he'd leap up onto desks in ecstatic, impulsive bursts of love in order to look right into the faces, and hopefully be allowed to lick them, of new people he'd meet.

Our Thor

Our Thor was sublty sweet, cuddly, and sensitive. Also a people person, meaning all people, of course, of whatever specie, too, as all dogs are, and a little more shy than was Sunny.


Thor, the beautiful Rottweiller mix male chasing Sunny in the photo above, was the second of our dog pack and the second to go. Widely-known as "the most beautiful Rottweiller in the world." (by others, not just by us!), he died of a common ailment of larger breed dogs, especially those with barrel chests.

Then, the third to go, but not the third to join - a pitbull rescued dog we'd saved from the middle of a city street where he'd been abandoned.

Peep died of lymphoma. We aren't sure how old he was when we adopted him in 2003, and we think he lived to be around ten. We hope so. We gave him, as we do all our rescues, a great life. After a long while of nightmares he'd suffer about having been abandoned by someone he loved, he became perhaps the most beloved member of our group.


Peep was an all-time good-time Charlie, always so at home with everyone, that he'd be truly hurt if some person might act skittish about meeting him. His favorite thing to do was to find new people and interact with them.
Whole restaurants and bars, law offices, and stores still have groups of people who would gladly open their arms to Peep, if only I would have relinquished him to their care. I've never seen that much open-armed camaraderie for any pet. What a great homage to Peep!

Larger than life, flamboyant, wayward, enthusiastic, bold and irresistible, Ulli, the Newfoundland rescued as an infant ruled my world and my soul for twelve wonderful, wonderful years, was the center of the universe and made evrything joyous.

She went to Heaven next, our regal, heroic, refined beauty - our Rottie Girl, rescued from the Katrina storm. Although a starving wraith of a girl, literally almost gone when we saw her on an empty highway, with a crippled and unusable leg, despite all the horror of her circumstances, she shone with an inner light, walked with a grace not unlike true royalty. She was a huge blessing every day of her life.

I am fresh with grief, rattled by the harsh truth, and truly exhausted from the care-taking of this precious, most precious, most adorable of Dogs - our rescued Boy from a shelter in Montana. I just cannot believe he is gone now, since the hope held out even by the three vets we took him to was something we clung to - all of us, including Cowboy himself, until the very end. He had lived fully and passionately, and was going on his fourteenth year, having been born, probably, in October, 2001. The only one of our Doggies that I constantly was vigilant about - since most of our huge brood were off-setting, but Cowboy alone was cuddly, accessible and far too friendly with strangers. I know adopting him was an extreme blessing. He was the absolutely perfect Dog in every way, and anyone on earth would have given anything to have had him as their Pet. Now, in God's hands, he is finally with a deserving One.

A beautiful little Chow boy, he came into my life as a gift from a loving person who could not keep him the way he needed. This was years ago and he was my first Doggy of my own.
He adored me and would even do unmentionables on the things of beaux who would visit me!
He grew into a fine, handsome lad and lived a long, full life.