Grief Help

Since we do have a large household and since, inevitably, we must endure grief, given their shorter life spans, we'd love to offer our help to those who have found our site, which was created when we were mourning helplessly for Sunny.
In those miserable days, weeks, and months, I tirelessly researched and found cures that might have helped Our Sunny, had I known about them then.
Now, years later, many of our pets have been helped by this continuing research, and we will be sharing this life-giving information in our Heal Your Pets section.

Meanwhile, comfort yourself any way you can. Put photos of your beloved one all around you, play videos, write about your times together, stay healthy, go outside and take care of yourself. Eat healthily, and remember that your loved one is still with you, worrying about you, and wishing he or she could be there to help you understand that life goes on and that we will all be together again - forever!

The best homage, of course, is to rescue a very needy being and to give him or her the love  your lost one would have freely given. The best cure is always giving.

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