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These are Our Babies. They are the Lights of Our Lives, the Apples of Oue Eyes.
We Adore Them All, Living and Those in Heaven

We Will All Be Togeher One Day in Our Own Private Heaven!

Sunny, Thrasing at His Own Beach, Where His Pals, The Local Dolphin Pod, Still Search For The Wonder Dog Who Loved Swimming With Them, Far Out Among the Kelp Beds

A famous person wrote, "At then end of your life, the one thing you remember is the love of your pet."

Our Teddy - Our Cats

Teddy, Above, Scion of the Linup, Originator and Big Daddy of ALL Our Family Pack. He lived to be 24! And we only named the site after Sunny because of his sunny name and because of the Dog health info we offer, but Teddy said it was OK with him! He knew He was the Father of us all!

Cutie Pie, above,

A Lovely, Gracious Cat, was actually the Head of our Pack, was the Eldest, the Inspiration for All the rescues

For Cat and Dog and Other Pets' Health Information, Dog Stories, and Loving Doggy Info!

We, all of us in our Family of Fur, Feet, Fins, and Wings, are proud to be a part of Sunny's Pack - All Rescues.

When I was only a person, part of a human family, growing up, I adored all my pets, and longed to bring them all into our household to live together, the way Nature planned, obviously, and we had to wait to grow up until our true Family was put together by God, and only when being a part of a pack, including family members of other species, do you truly understand what love is.

These are not only links to help other family members, be they whatever specie, but they are family stories from our own - from Sunny's Pack.

Vital, Wild Boy, Sunny, Gets his Favorite Ball at the Beach
Our Dogs: Our Ish Ish Our JBoy Our Peep Our Thor Our Olli Sunny, My Sunshine

We hope they help you, whether you're searching for health info, for help in grieving a close loss, or whether you'd just like to read about our own Pack, Welcome to OurSunny.org !

By Popular Demand - Thank you! So many of you have emailed me to say "thanks" for the pet health info that I provide, and to ask that I write more about our beloved pets, so...

Our Sunny

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