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Welcome to Dog Documents International. Let us assure you that this is not a place for amorous dog lovers. When we search the Internet and other electronic knowledge bases for information related to dogs, we find ourselves suddenly immersed in a torrent of links, all discussing why dogs should be there. There are no links to information regarding why dogs should not be there. So this site is a stop gap arrangement, so that those who search for 'Why Dogs Should Not Be There' also will have access to some information. Someday, we hope, more competent and knowledgeable organizations will build better sites to share more reliable information.

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1. Houses where husbands are dogs and dogs are husbands.
2. After gays and lesbians, dog-lovers are the next to claim recognition as a community.
3. Who said it is God's Own Country? Kerala is now Dogs' Own Country.

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033. Houses Where Husbands Are Dogs And Dogs Are Husbands. Essays 13th Aug 2011 
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A dog’s barking is one of the ugliest sounds in this world, but there are people who enjoy it as sweet music-the psychiatrically deranged in our society. At the expense and peril of mankind, they make laws placing dogs above man and god so that they can continue uninterrupted with their carnal pleasures with their dogs. Diseases originating from dogs are sweeping this globe and claiming human lives in thousands. This article is the first of a trio, unravelling the real story behind dog-loving. 


After Gays and Lesbians, Dog Lovers are the next to claim Recognition as a Community. Essays 22nd Sep 2011. Short URL http://nut.bz/1l_gj_nm/ 

Every house where dogs bark continuously will have at least one person who is intolerantly jealous of the tranquillity nature provides its creations, irrespective of whether he is the nation head, judge, law-maker, politician or parliamentarian. The world has seen enough of them and their follies and crimes not to be startled by. Some sleep with the other sex, some with the same sex and some with dogs. The world pays the price through horrible diseases such as dengue, rabies and chikungunya. 

Link: http://www.wikinut.com/after-gays-and-lesbians%2c-dog-lovers-are-the-next-to-claim-recognition-as-a-community.p-s-remesh-chandran./1l_gj_nm/3cc.kife/ 

Who said It Is God’s Own Country? Kerala Is Now Dogs’ Own Country. Essays 
2nd Oct 2011 Short URL 

India feeds two nations, a nation of 100 crores human beings and another nation of 150 crores dogs, resulting in the Indians’ eating too much, as Obama observed, leading to a world food shortage. Dozens of diseases such as dengue, chikungunya and rabies originated from dogs and killed millions in India, Asia and Europe. Their incessant barking is now the inescapable background noise of nations. And these pests cannot be killed. Powerful people who use dogs sexually protect them in all nations. 


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Who said it is God's Own Country?

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