Lab Members

Julie Hecht, Lab manager
Julie received her Masters with distinction in Applied Animal Behaviour and Animal Welfare from the University of Edinburgh. Her masters research investigated the 'guilty' look in dogs with the Family Dog Project in Budapest.  Julie is a PhD student at The Graduate Center, City University of New York in the Animal Behavior and Comparative Psychology Training Area

Julie is a regular contributor to The Bark magazine and she covers canine science on Dog Spies at Scientific American. She would really like to meet your dog. Follow on Twitter @DogSpies

Merav Stein, Barnard '15
Merav is a senior at Barnard College majoring in biology and studying pre-veterinary medicine. In her spare time, Merav enjoys walking her friend's dog, playing soccer, and discovering new music. Merav also works in Professor Sarah Woolley's lab at Columbia University studying sex differences in auditory perception in zebra finches.

Olga Garduno, Barnard '15
Olga is a senior at Barnard College majoring in psychology and art history. After graduating from Barnard, Olga plans to apply to psychology Ph.D. programs. Olga also works at the Empirical Reasoning Lab at Barnard. 

Terryn Adams, Barnard '16
Terryn is a junior at Barnard College. She is studying Neuroscience and Behavior with a behavioral concentration. Terryn has owned a pair of Rottweilers since the age of 2. She hopes to take what she learns from her research in the lab and apply it to her future studies of human behavior. She hopes to become a child psychiatrist and looks forward to combining her interest and curiosity in behavior, with her love for dogs.  


Taylor Buckalew, Columbia University '15
Taylor is a senior at Columbia University majoring in psychology and studying pre-veterinary medicine. She has a two-year-old Chihuahua mix named Archie. Taylor is interested in the fields of oncology, marine mammal medicine and surgery. 

Emma Roth, Barnard '16

Emma is a Pre-Veterinary student at Barnard College, studying biology and chemistry. Her particular area of interest lies in Clinical Veterinary Nutrition. In her free time Emma interns for a Board Certified Veterinary Nutritionist, and she takes care of her 9 animals who live at home with her. 

Dog Cognition Lab in our natural environment, Spring 2012

Past members:

Adam Chapman, Columbia, '11
Emily Cherenack, Barnard, '12
Adam Croon, University of Pennsylvania
Eleonora d'Amore, Barnard '13
Alexandra Dedrick, M.S., Columbia, '13
Orellana del Fierro, Barnard '11
Rebekka Dohme, Barnard, '11
James Fuller, PhD, Columbia '12

Nora Inman, Barnard '14 
Rebecca Johnson, Barnard, '13
Rebecca LoSchiavo, Barnard, '14
Meredith Leeman, Barnard, '12
Sharisse Kent, NYU
Sabrina Mashburn, Post-bacc, Columbia
Jennifer Oh, Barnard '11

Hannah Salomons, Columbia '10
Jessica Sapire, Barnard '12
Shoshana Schoenfeld, Barnard '11
Olivia Tandon, Columbia '09
Ilana Yablonowich, Barnard '12