Lab Members

Spring 2017:

Eliza Hearst, Barnard College, Columbia University, '18

Eliza is a Psychology major from San Francisco, CA. She grew up with all kinds of animals but loves dogs especially. She hopes to learn more about their thoughts and behavior through working in the Canine Cognition Lab. Although she wishes she could have a dog in NYC she looks forward to seeing her dog, Nora, when she returns to San Francisco at the end of the school year.

Lori-Ann Ashley Hyde, Columbia College, Columbia University, '18

Lori-ann is a Neuroscience and Behavior major in the Columbia College class of 2018. She knows it is close to impossible to read the minds of and converse with our canine friends, but still plans to spend her life trying to achieve the feat. In addition to dogs, she is also in love with Jesus, musicals, and knitting. 

Xiaoyun Ji

Xiaoyun is an operational research professional working in the field of analytics, with a strong interest in dog psychology and behavior. She has a Ph.D. in Mathematical Science.  Her first dog Oliver, with a fiercely independent spirit, sparked her interest in animal behavior.  She splits her free time between volunteering at animal shelters and reading up on research papers of animal behaviors. She shares her passion in animal behavior with two faithful audiences at her home: Patty, a Border Collie Sheltie mix and Drake, an Akita German Shepard mix.  

Scarlett Lutz-Boulting, Post-Baccalaureate, Columbia University

Scarlett Lutz-Boulting is currently a pre-vet post-bac student at Columbia University. As a Rhode Island School of Design graduate, she focused on fashion and interior design before switching fields. Ever since adopting her giant pitty, Heathcliff, from NYACC she has been interested in issues of dog cognition that support canine rehabilitation and behavior modification. She's looking forward to applying the lab's discoveries to her future veterinary practice..

Christina Stevens, Barnard College, Columbia University, '18

Christina Stevens is a junior at Barnard College and is majoring in biology. She is also pre-vet and hopes to work with farm animals one day, especially cows and pigs. In the meantime, she is fascinated with how dogs think, especially her dogs Oscar, Koko and Beatrix, and is excited to be working in the Canine Cognition Lab! Hopefully she can gain some insight into the minds of her sometimes crazy (but adorable) dogs. 

Annie Surman, Columbia College, Columbia University, '18

Dog Cognition Lab in our natural environment, Spring 2012

Past members:

Taylor Buckalew, Columbia, '15
Adam Chapman, Columbia, '11
Emily Cherenack, Barnard, '12
Adam Croon, University of Pennsylvania
Eleonora d'Amore, Barnard '13
Alexandra Dedrick, M.S., Columbia, '13
Orellana del Fierro, Barnard '11
Melissa Flores, Barnard
Rebekka Dohme, Barnard, '11
James Fuller, PhD, Columbia '12

Olga Garduno, Barnard '15
Julie Hecht, CUNY PhD program
Nora Inman, Barnard '14 
Rebecca Johnson, Barnard, '13
Sharisse Kent, NYU
Meredith Leeman, Barnard, '12
Rebecca LoSchiavo, Barnard, '14
Sabrina Mashburn, Post-bacc, Columbia
Jennifer Oh, Barnard '11

Taylor Pedicone, Barnard, '16
Emma Roth, Barnard '16
Hannah Salomons, Columbia '10
Jessica Sapire, Barnard '12
Shoshana Schoenfeld, Barnard '11

Merav Stein, Barnard '15
Matilda Solinger, Columbia
Olivia Tandon, Columbia '09
Ilana Yablonowich, Barnard '12