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A small collection of some of the more important past updates.

Thinking About VISTA ?? Read this one first !! [MSPP]

[MS06-053] Cross-Site  Scripting

(KB925486) VML Patch

[MS06-001] Zero-Day exploit in WMF (graphics Meta File)

WGA kill instructions

[MS06-042] update to MS06-040

[KB918005] SP2 labtop batt.  issue


Clear IE Cache. Anyone who really surfs the net knows the importance of removing cookies, history, & temp files.

Windows Up-Date Fix is a bat file that addresses an issue in Win2k & XP that causes a failure of Automatic Updates to work properly after a restore to the OS.





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 Microsoft  Photosynth

Along the same lines of 3D capability that is the accolade of Vista© is Microsoft's Photosynth©. Photosynth hasn't been released to the public yet. It is very probably dependent on fast dual CPU PCs, fast memory, & one of the higher end Windows Media Players above WMP10. I'm not putting a link here as there is no public beta, only a collection of promotional videos. If you are interested, go to Microsoft & enter the product name into the search box. Don't hold your breath, I think it will some time before it becomes a default 'Auto Update' for Vista. It more than likely will be tied into the new Microsoft brand 'LIVE' & their Live Spaces©. Also, there are some obvious security issues that will have to be 'tried before true', as that seems to be Microsoft's philosophy behind their product development phase. That aside, it looks very interesting !!