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Life Unbalanced

Courtesy     Google Video Page     Google Video

OK, here it is, finally. This video took over 2 years to shoot in order to get the scenes I wanted. Once I had the footage in the drive, it was another 3 months of editing. Originally, a 2 hour feature, the run time was cut to 59min so I could get the timing with the music somewhat right. If you use music in your production, please remember to give credit to its creator. Mr MacLeod has a great site at .



Moon at Zenith

Courtesy     Google Video Page    Google Video

The Full Moon at zenith passes between buildings at 1000X normal speed.


Jessica's First Day at School

Courtesy    Dave's Place Video    Google Video

Jessica's first day



Google Video Test Frame Container - Rendezvous

CourtesyStandardshiftGoogle Video

My personal favorite


Google Video Test Frame Container II -      LOTR ryhmes

Courtesy    kendalrooo     YouTube Video

Another personal favorite


MSN SoapBox Test Frame Container -          Sweet Dreams - Eurythmics was removed by MSN

Video: Sweet Dreams



Test Frame Container -




Test Frame Container -