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Clear IE Cache. Anyone who really surfs the net knows the importance of removing cookies, history, & temp files


SECUNIA PSI forces you to facillitate the removal of program versions & files that some installers do not take care of automatically. (XP, 2000, 2003 only)




 Gooogle Suggest & McAfee SiteAdvisor

Probably the most functional & helpful combination of any two applications to make your browsing more informed & secure is combining Google Lab’s ‘Suggest with McAfee’s ‘SiteAdvisor.

Supports IE5.5 - 7b3 & FireFox. Supports Windows, Mac, & Linux. Here 's the most common installation.  It only takes 5 easy steps.

1.  First, you have to make a decision that you don’t mind sharing some of the information about your surfing habits with Google & McAfee, or any third parties in agreement.

2.  With that said you begin by going to Google Labs and find the link to 'Google Suggest'. Go to the page it takes you & make it your home page in the Tools Menu under the Internet Options & hit the Use Current button.

3.  While you are in the ‘Internet Options’, select the ‘Security Tab’, click on the ‘Trusted sites’ icon (green checkmark) & click on the ‘Sites’ button. A window will open for you to enter “http://*.google.com” or any other search engine that you use. That’s "http://*.yoursearchengine.whatever”. You don’t need to enable the ‘https’ option checkbox. Then click ‘Add, Apply, & OK’.

It’s that simple. And it’s just as easy to uninstall & restore your old homepage. Just browse to it & hit the Use Current button again & remove the unwanted site from Trusted Sites.

4.  The forth step is to go to the SiteAdvisor home page. Review how it works a bit & download, being sure to save to your desktop.

5.  Close all open applications, and then run the installer. Checking all the options produces the most vivid & thorough results. If your toolbar locks up, just select View from the menu, slide down to Toolbars, then remove the checkmark next to ‘Lock the Toolbar’. To uninstall, go to the ‘Add or Remove Programs’ in the ‘Control Panel’.


Users will notice a slight lag while typing in the ‘Suggest Search Box’, and then there will be a slight delay when the search results page comes up. This is due to your PC first contacting the Google Suggest server for the drop down suggestions. Then, after you call up the results page, SiteAdvisor contacts McAfee’s servers that support the application. If you have selected ‘Highlight search result links’ in SiteAdvisor’s settings, you might be surprised at the results of some of your favorite destinations. The ratings are color coded for easy assessment.


" In my opinion, the benefits of improved safety & pre-evaluation, or protection from a misdirection due to a key slip far out weigh the efforts of installation of these two applications. A 'top utility' when combined together as a single solution. "  Dave   Aug 06