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LRD & the Innocent Bystanders

The best way to catch this very accomplished & entertaining band is to check out their website for announcements & show dates.  Both '70's to Prersent' covers & original works.  Their site has a lot of their material available for 'a spin'.       Lance & the Band have recently released  like their 5th or 6th album together, "Internal Construction".  They also perform numerous showes & benefits throughout the week.                                                                                                                                                                                      There's also a photo-blog that's independent of the main site from some guy named  orbit.

Matthew Dewey         

Matt is a truly independent artist with his own genre, style, and nuance.  To be honest, Matt's performances are very hard to catch.  But once you do, you'll never forget it.  Matt is much less intrested in commercialability & devoted to his almost visceral forms & methods.  All Matt's work is original.  And it all has a message or meaning.  If you are in the area, are tired of the 'same ol' hotel & strip scene'  & need something spontainous & different, then he's the right man to go see !

Seoul Artists Network

SAN is a group of local & mostly expat members.  Writers, Jornalists, Actors, Preformers, Musicans, Singers, Artists, Sculpters, Cartoonist, Poets, Improvisationist  & just thoses that appreciate & value the Arts as a whole come together to form a very special atmosphere. Go see for yourself !!


AC/DC - 1977


No, I never met AC/DC, but it beats staring at a blank space on the page.

AC/DC - Back In Black

I don't even want to think about what this guy's XMAS storage has got in it !! Very Ingenious Though

Max Sedgley - Slowly - Courtesy of MS & MySpace

Originally found at ROOTV until they changed application.

Judas Priest - Revolution - Courtesy of Blastro

A Judas Priest video. Something you won't see on other google pages much.

Takes a lot of effort to get it up.

Oh, & almost impossible to find.

 Sorry for the commercials & WMF access.

In the meantime, you can save a Judas Priest video.

Very Rare !!


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