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Click On Link to Dave's PhotoblogDave's Place was created to serve as an example of what is possible today using personal publishing, blogging, mash ups, ajax & other new technologies. Information & instruction is readily available on the links provided, & on the internet at large.   Feel free to look around & discover things to use on your own site. You may even learn to emphasize a more international treatment of a new or existing site. The actual target audience of the site was meant to be for a small group of friends &  family. As such, Dave's Place qualifies as a very large personal site.

This site originally developed using IE6 & IE7b. Be sure to UPDATE often!!  Changes were made to facilitate FireFox where possible using Ubuntuupgraded to 6.06 LTS.  This site is also compatible with PSP Browser up to Ver. 2.60. Details Here.

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We prefer to refer to our visitors by their email name when corresponding. This is only after a visitor initiates contact with us. We do not save addresses. We do not want to know your actual name, location, phone, or any similar info. If we fail to respond to your email, we're not ignoring you. Please resend it as it may have been filtered out.

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Dave's Place is a 'Personal Page' site updated on daily, weekly, & seasonal basis depending on the section in question. If you have any remarks or would like to make a suggestion, please do not hesitate to do so. Please be sure to include something other than "VIAGRA, CIALIS, AMBIEN, or PHARMACY" in your subject !!

Dave's Place does not ask for personally identifiable information, does not publish junk mail or a newsletter, & does not use or install spyware. EVER !! Please be sure that you are comfortable with any information you leave in a provider area such as profiles in our maps, forums, or external site pages first. We use only recognizable providers that are in good standing with testing organizations. Our service providers furnish users with unsubscribe options & generate little or no e-mail. We, however, are not in control of sites outside of this specific domain, nor have any third party agreements with such.

If you feel that one of our providers has violated any of these terms, please let us know immediately & we'll investigate the claim fully, as soon as possible. 

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