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PICASA 2© is a great integration between Blogger© & other Google© features. It will rearrange all your photos, but you get a Free Photo Enhancing App.

And NEW for Linux PICASA for LINUX.




 Microsoft  Photosynth

Along the same lines of 3D capability that is the accolade of Vista© is Microsoft's Photosynth©. Photosynth hasn't been released to the public yet.


So you say you got a cell phone with a camera in it. And you like to post the pictures you take on the internet. But lugging the files out of the phone, into the home computer, then into the photo repository site, cut & paste the code, & up date the blog is such a drag...  Actually, if you want to upload photos, & even video to the internet; And you wish it was a one step process, you might want to check out ShoZu©. ShoZu© is a one step labor saving site based solution to this common problem. ShoZu© supports a few major blogging sites like Blogger©, and a few major photo sites like Flickr©, and even supports YouTube©. ShoZu© is a download for your cell phone that enables you to post to your blog as an option in the operation menu of your phone. Check out their website for supported phones. You might already have a supported model, & if you don't, then you have a leverage point with the salesperson when you trade your old phone in on an upgrade !!