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The MUSIC, & VIDEO, pages are presently under construction.

A new feature NEWS ROOM was added to A HUB at right on 9/19.


(actual results may vary dependant on your OS version & enviroment)

There was 1 update patch this week

Windows Defender Beta definition updates to Ver. 1.14.1727.5  (KB915597)


A small collection of some of the more important past updates.

Thinking About VISTA ?? Read this one first !! [MSPP]

[MS06-053] Cross-Site  Scripting

(KB925486) VML Patch

[MS06-001] Zero-Day exploit in WMF (graphics Meta File)

WGA kill instructions

[MS06-042] update to MS06-040

[KB918005] SP2 labtop batt.  issue



Google Code (open source)

IP Info  (good IP resource for beginners & links to other resources)

Linksys Info not affiliated w/Linksys

Open Source Web Design

Source Forge (open source)

Freshmeat (open source)


GovTrack (US political)




Dick Blick Art Materials



SplitCam - Video Clone Software
SplitCam - Freeware Video Clone Software

Download and install virtual video clone and capture software driver for connecting several applications to a single video capture source.








Requires broadband in most cases. Some may require additional equip. &/or fees. Listing based on various implementations of service. (source)(source)(source)

Skype (over 6 million subscribers)

Skype for Mac 1.5 (includes video) released 9/13/06

Vonnage (many traditional features)

Gizmo (Windows, Mac, & Linux)

Hullo (North America Only)


Jajah (site based solution over landline)


Got a Google Account, Microphone, Speakers, & Broadband. Don't want to fool around with credit cards, want VoIP or IM for Free ??

Google Talk &

Google Talk (for Mac & Linux)


Windows 98 and above (Recommended Minium)

SpyBot S & D

Ad Aware

Spyware Blaster

Rootkit Revealer

Windows Defender

Other Auxiliary Windows Applications

BlackLight (rootkit det. f/  F-Secure)

HijackThis (instruction required)






Linux Based Security Applications

I'll be researching more Linux apps to put here in the future




Site Based Security Check




TraceRoute (IP tracking) 









 Allows term search by category






 For those who serve






     Wash. DC            Seoul




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"AHUB" will cease to exist entirely after 6/1/07. This is being done to make the site easier to use & easier on the eyes. Most of the information here will still be available on the new page. The main feature will be the orderly categorization of links to applications.

Basically, the Application Connector will become a separate sub-site within ‘Dave’s Place’. Each category will have a link to a page devoted to links to applications in just that particular application category.

So... "For more enjoyment, & standardized consumption, Be Happy ! & Buy More !"

But seriously, I am very sorry for any inconvenience or disapointment that this change may cause.

Any volunteers to help maintain "Dave's Place" would be greatly appreciated. Just use the contact form link found throughout the site.


Chinese Hackers Attacked US Commerce Dept
Spotlighting News - Oct 10, 2006
The Bureau of Industry and Security was targeted by Chinese hackers, rendering some of its computers useless. "They discovered a targeted effort to gain access to user accounts.
Chinese Hackers Attack Commerce Department CIO Today
Chinese Hackers Attack Commerce Department CIO Today
ElectricNews.net - Register - Computerworld - Inquirer
all 25 news articles »

The Japan Times
Japan says no to Blu-ray, HD DVD recorders for US
ZDNet - Oct 4, 2006  By Reuters, CNET News.com. This week at CEATEC, a high-tech trade fair near Tokyo, Sony and Panasonic both announced Blu-ray players that can also record shows.
Japan says no to Blu-ray, HD DVD recorders for US CNET News.com
Sony to release Blu-ray recorders in Japan in December MarketWatch
The Standard - X-bit Labs - Pocket-lint.co.uk - The Japan Times
all 64 news articles »


With New Software, PDAs Can Manage Windows Servers Remotely
InformationWeek - Sep 19, 2006
The Avocent software runs on a BlackBerry or any Windows Mobile 5-based device. Two packages provide different levels of administration features and functions.
Avocent Unveils New IT Products TheStreet.com
Manage Your Server from Your Smartphone Mobility Site
Computing News - Geekzone - msmobiles.com
all 8 news articles »

All articles & pictures courtesy Google News & affiliates

WEB   FEATURES  | Features & Devices to use on your sites !!

Social Networking & Forum by GOOGLE GROUPS©

Instant Video Blogging by REVVER.com© & BLOGGER.com©

Mapping Application & Social Networking by FRAPPR.com©

API supported photo solutions at ZOOOMR© & FLICKR©

ClustrMaps.com© is a great service as a 'freebie'. You get a link to a bigger map. I'm experiencing some excess count issues due to remote hosting. Its an issue that's been addressed in their FAQ, but if you edit & upload a lot your going to have some error. But after all, who can beat Free Site Demographics !!

NeoWorx is a collection of three features, a counter, a chat box, and a map, all customizable. You can try out each feature independently, or as a group. Free evaluation version & a 3pack discount are offered.

 OTHER  STUFF  | Other Things I found interesting on the Net

So you say you got a cell phone with a camera in it. And you like to post the pictures you take on the internet. But lugging the files out of the phone, into the home computer, then into the photo repository site, cut & paste the code, & up date the blog is such a drag...  Actually, if you want to upload photos, & even video to the internet; And you wish it was a one step process, you might want to check out ShoZu©. ShoZu© is a one step labor saving site based solution to this common problem. ShoZu© supports a few major blogging sites like Blogger©, and a few major photo sites like Flickr©, and even supports YouTube©. ShoZu© is a download for your cell phone that enables you to post to your blog as an option in the operation menu of your phone. Check out their website for supported phones. You might already have a supported model, & if you don't, then you have a leverage point with the salesperson when you trade your old phone in on an upgrade !!

Lightroom© is a photo application Adobe© is beta testing. You'll have to register & expect an occasional survey via e-mail. Lightroom is a free download & probaly the most capable photo app out there right now. But there is a catch, Lightroom beta ver. 4 expires February 28, 2007. So don't use this application on important or valuable assets like the family photo album. Find an old computer, load some copies & try it out. You may not be able to use them after the expiration of the beta.

PICASA 2© is a great integration between Blogger© & other Google© features. It will rearrange all your photos, but you get a Free Photo Enhancing App. And NEW for Linux PICASA for LINUX.

CELESTIA© is a superb space simulation. Requires a good video card & fast CPU

PANDORA© is a interesting 'music streaming' solution. It requires Flash 7 or 8 from Macromedia©, but will run without much effort on most XP & MacOS X PC's. Pandora is a Music Discovery Application approach that will depend on your connection speed. I tested it from Korea & it worked just great. Eventually, you'll have to register. Unfortunately, classical music is not supported.

It looks as if the Google Video© Project has finally picked up steam and rounded out. I included a link to my personal favorite here. I'm working on my first one now, I'll post the link in the ANNOUCEMENTS section above. On second thought, I think I'll write another  page just for my VIDEOS.

Speaking of Videography, Avid© is one of the most popular & widely used producers of professional software for use by commercial broadcast stations. The average person can't afford their high-end products. However, AVID FREE DV© is a really astounding program. The bad news is you'll have to register, correctly enter the product code & the key; And it's a very complex but complete application. The good news, its completely free!

Microsoft© looks like it finally figured out Google's© lead and has introduced Windows Live Spaces© to the regular old MSN Spaces base users. With the current DOPA ruling coming onto view, & Microsoft's ability to influence the internet, developments in the near future should be interesting.

If your having problems getting a Gmail© Account & Google Page©, tired of waiting for the acceptance email, or just favour open source. Here's an alternative I found. Drupal is an Open Source Platform for generating blog & portal based pages. It supports API and is currentaly one of the most popular alternatives. Another good guide in utilizing Drupal is Nick Lewis's The Blog. Another that seems to be directed toward social action by a group of collaborators is CivicSpace. I'll write more as I try this alternative out in the comming months.

Along the same lines, I can't give it an endorsement yet, but it looks solid & promising. ZK Ajax w/o Java is an application I'm giving a run on it now. If it checks out I'll begin a new applications section above for web page writing apps. ZK is GNU, works on Windows, & creates features via HTML.

Another related editing application I'll be playing with in the next few months is DOJO. Very interesting stuff !!  I read somewhere (at the bottom in the comments) that GooglePages and Blogger were boring, antiquated, & static. Well, the'll be none of that much longer. Things like ZK & DOJO should liven things up a bit, both in the somewhat limited area such as GooglePages, as well as privately owned sites. They also allow unseasoned authors the ability to create features that normally only the big boys on the block get to play with.

 UTILITIES  | Things to make your PC more manageable



 Gooogle Suggest & McAfee SiteAdvisor

Probably the most functional & helpful combination of any two applications to make your browsing more informed & secure is combining Google Lab’s ‘Suggest with McAfee’s ‘SiteAdvisor.

Supports IE5.5 - 7b3 & FireFox. Supports Windows, Mac, & Linux. Here 's the most common installation.  It only takes 5 easy steps.

1.  First, you have to make a decision that you don’t mind sharing some of the information about your surfing habits with Google & McAfee, or any third parties in agreement.

2.  With that said you begin by going to Google Labs and find the link to 'Google Suggest'. Go to the page it takes you & make it your home page in the Tools Menu under the Internet Options & hit the Use Current button.

3.  While you are in the ‘Internet Options’, select the ‘Security Tab’, click on the ‘Trusted sites’ icon (green checkmark) & click on the ‘Sites’ button. A window will open for you to enter “http://*.google.com” or any other search engine that you use. That’s "http://*.yoursearchengine.whatever”. You don’t need to enable the ‘https’ option checkbox. Then click ‘Add, Apply, & OK’.

It’s that simple. And it’s just as easy to uninstall & restore your old homepage. Just browse to it & hit the Use Current button again & remove the unwanted site from Trusted Sites.

4.  The forth step is to go to the SiteAdvisor home page. Review how it works a bit & download, being sure to save to your desktop.

5.  Close all open applications, and then run the installer. Checking all the options produces the most vivid & thorough results. If your toolbar locks up, just select View from the menu, slide down to Toolbars, then remove the checkmark next to ‘Lock the Toolbar’. To uninstall, go to the ‘Add or Remove Programs’ in the ‘Control Panel’.


Users will notice a slight lag while typing in the ‘Suggest Search Box’, and then there will be a slight delay when the search results page comes up. This is due to your PC first contacting the Google Suggest server for the drop down suggestions. Then, after you call up the results page, SiteAdvisor contacts McAfee’s servers that support the application. If you have selected ‘Highlight search result links’ in SiteAdvisor’s settings, you might be surprised at the results of some of your favorite destinations. The ratings are color coded for easy assessment.


" In my opinion, the benefits of improved safety & pre-evaluation, or protection from a misdirection due to a key slip far out weigh the efforts of installation of these two applications. A 'top utility' when combined together as a single solution.Dave   Aug 06


     Internet Explorer 

Microsoft Internet Explorer 7©  is now availlable. This version supersedes IE 7 beta 3.  Microsoft© will be offering it as an Automatic Update in the near future. However, if you want to switch back after installing,  you'll have to reformat the hard drive and install IE6 from your original OS install disc. If you want to block the Automatic Update install of IE7, a blocking tool can be found at IE7BlockerToolkit.  You will still need to take care to avoid the IE7 install during subsequent updates, but it will stop it from the automated process, according to Microsoft. It's a good idea to learn how to utilize the "Custom" option rather than the "Express", if you are using manual updating at all! Be sure to review the directions.

If your still using Microsoft Internet Explorer 6©. A good application I found that offers some of the functionality of IE7 is Clear IE Cache. Anyone who really surfs the net knows the importance of removing cookies, history, & temp files.

IE7 will take some getting used to, & a good point is to go to the 'gearbox' on the right top & enable the 'Classic Menu'. And, as always, be sure to add in the SP1 & SP2 updates with either. Keep in mind that IE7 is still a 'beta' & still has some minor bugs. One of the differences I've noticed between version 2 & 3 is you have to 'Validate' version 3 twice. 

And most importantly, be sure to follow the instructions !

You can find add-ons for IE7 at Microsoft's IEADDONS.




If your unsure about migrating to IE7 or  you just want to try something different, you can run IE6 side by side with FireFox© .  I suggest you try one of the other non-Microsoft browsers first as it takes some getting used to the higher functionality in the new browsers. 

FireFox, SeaMonkey& Opera9 are the most popular applications in this route.

If your wondering, I compose this page on IE6, then view on IE7 with the zoom at 50% in Full Screen to get a more complete picture of the layout. Then I run it through FireFox 1.5 with the default settings. Once in a while when I'm on the street and have a wireless connection, I run the site on a PSP.


 NEW  STUFF  |  Prerelease & Beta Items I found on the Net

Microsoft launches PowerShell, sets timeline for Longhorn
CNET News.com, CA - Oct. 16, 2006
Strategy for the next version of Windows Server is underlined with the formal launch of the PowerShell scripting engine. By Colin Barker. ...
Microsoft launches PowerShell, sets timeline for Longhorn ZDNet
Microsoft releases PowerShell Ars Technica
Microsoft Releases Command Shell for Windows, PowerShell 1.0 SDA India Magazine
CRN - Ars Technica
all 102 news articles »
Microsoft PowerShell isn't Vista-ready, either
ZDNet.com blogs - Oct. 16, 2006
As a few other bloggers noted yesterday, Microsoft’s newly released PowerShell command-line shell and scripting language doesn’t currently work with ...
Windows PowerShell 1.0 Released BetaNews
all 2 news articles »


 Windows Vista

The VISTA INSTALLATION GUIDE & the VISTA HOME PAGE. Please read ALL material VERY closely !!!                                                                  WARNING:   Not to be used as a replacement for your Primary Operating System. Does Not Work With Everything !




 Microsoft  Photosynth

Along the same lines of 3D capability that is the accolade of Vista© is Microsoft's Photosynth©. Photosynth hasn't been released to the public yet. It is very probably dependent on fast dual CPU PCs, fast memory, & one of the higher end Windows Media Players above WMP10. I'm not putting a link here as there is no public beta, only a collection of promotional videos. If you are interested, go to Microsoft & enter the product name into the search box. Don't hold your breath, I think it will some time before it becomes a default 'Auto Update' for Vista. It more than likely will be tied into the new Microsoft brand 'LIVE' & their Live Spaces©. Also, there are some obvious security issues that will have to be 'tried before true', as that seems to be Microsoft's philosophy behind their product development phase. That aside, it looks very interesting !!

 Remember : It’s your web presence that defines your audience’s opinion of ‘you’. It’s ‘your’ responsibility to make it a ‘GOOD’ one !!  - orbit - ©