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Your Mileage May Vary

Everyone is different.  Vive la difference!

Different people do things in different ways to reach the same goal.  Even if you agree that your goal and my goal are the same - to achieve balance in our lives - the way I go about things may not work for you.

I understand this, largely because I'm sensitive to the times when the way other people do things doesn't work for me.

I could just tell you what works for me, and advise you that if you want to achieve the kind of balance I have, then you should do what I say.  But that would be incorrect.

That's why I try to write not only about things that work for me, but also about why they work for me and how I came up with them.  The idea is this: if you know how I came up with something - the process I used - then you can use that same process to come up with something different that will work for you.

Still, in the end, I make no promises that any of this will work for anyone at all.  That's not a legal thing, it's just the truth.  Only God can make those kinds of promises; and I'm an atheist.

So no matter what I write here, remember, your mileage may vary.