Timeline Project

                                                                Oct.  2015



Dear Parents,

        We have begun working on Timelines (History SOL 1.1). I am sending home a piece of poster board so that the children (with a little bit of your help) can create a timeline of the events in their own lives. These important events should be sequenced in proper order and should include a description of the event. Each timeline should chronicle at least 4-5 events. The timelines will be returned so if you use photographs you will get them back. The timeline should begin with the date of birth and end with 2014 (first grade). Please include dates (at least the year) of each event being shown.

        The timelines are due October 15th.

        The Students will present them to the class.


Timelines should include:

* Child’s name

* least 4-5 events- in order on a single horizontal line .

* Events start on the left and progress to the right.*

*Each event should be dated (year) and include a written description (student writing is preferred).

* Illustrations, clipart, or photographs.

* Begin with birth and end with 1st grade (2014).


Thank you for your assistance. I hope you and your child enjoy this project.