The ABCs of First Grade




1st Grade


Written by

WWR 1st grade teachers


WWR 1st grade parents


Absence notes – please send a note explaining your child’s absence.

Address changes – please let us know.

Attendance – you have to be at school to learn!

Attitude – encourage your child to do his/her best!



Backpack – check it every day!

Bedtime – children should have a bedtime routine.

Behavior – respectful behavior is expected at all times.

Birthdays – coordinate plans with teacher beforehand.

Blue folder – the key to our communication. Check it everyday for notes and papers.

Breakfast – very important! Eat it at home or at school.

Bus notes – send a note with child’s name, date, new bus number, and name/address of where your child is going.



Check – backpacks everyday.

Communicate – with us. We are a team! We want what is best for your child.

Conferences – the best way to discuss your child’s progress throughout the year.

Consequences – there are consequences for good and bad behaviors.



Donations – ask if there is anything that we need, such as glue sticks, tissues, disinfectant wipes, plastic baggies of all sizes, etc.

Dress appropriately – for PE, for the weather, etc.


Encourage – reading, writing, and good attendance.

Envelopes/baggies – labeled for all money sent to school.

Electronic toys – don't belong at school (WWR policy).



Field trip chaperones – we appreciate the extra help with responsibilities and try to give everyone a turn.

Flashcards – great way to review sight words or math facts.  Available in stores or make your own.

Forecast – listen to the weather and dress appropriately for recess.



Glue sticks – a great donation!

Gym shoes – needed every day for PE and outdoor recess.



Happy – make sure mornings are a happy time!

Healthy – snacks are best.

Homework – support it, don’t correct it.


Ice cream – send in fifty cents every week.

Independence – encourage it.

Interims – progress report sent home in between report cards. Sign and return.



Jackets – we try to go outside everyday.

Jewelry – costume jewelry can be a distraction and should stay at home.



Kelso’s choices – info is sent home from Guidance.  Try using them at home, too!

Kleenex – needed year round.



Lunch money – send in envelope or baggie with child’s name, ID #, and teacher’s name.



Manners – favorite ones: take turns, share, raise your hand, respect others, be nice.

Materials needed/wanted – ask the teacher.

Math – is important! Practice math facts!

Medication policy – must be brought in by parent and labeled with child’s name and directions.

Money – always send in a baggie or envelope labeled with child’s name and purpose.



Name – write child’s name on all personal items (coats, lunch boxes, etc.)

Notes – include child’s full name, date, and teacher’s name.



Outside recess – remember to send your child with a jacket or sweatshirt.



Parent involvement – always encouraged! It benefits your child, your school, and yourself.

Pencil – always do homework in pencil.

Pick up policy – please send a note; meet your child in the cafeteria at the 2:55 bell.

Playground – follow the PE rules: walk in the mulch and no hanging upside down.

Practice – makes perfect! Practice sight words and math facts.

Problem solving – assist child with trying to solve problems on their own before asking for adult help.



Question – ask your child what he/she learned each day.  Feel free to ask teachers questions, too, if you are confused or need help.



Read – to and with your child everyday.

Report cards – sent home every six weeks. Read and keep the report card. Sign and return the envelope. Let teacher know if you have questions.

Respect – give it to get it!

Rest – because our days are full of learning.


Schedules – we do have daily teaching schedules. Important learning is missed if your child is repeatedly late or picked up early.

School supplies – may need to be replenished during the year.

Sleep – children need at least 10 hours sleep each night.

Snacks – we have snack time everyday.   Students are responsible for their own healthy snack.

Spelling – let your child sound it out. No help is necessary.



Tardies – School starts at 8:05; students are tardy after 8:25.

Toys – do not belong at school.

Tying shoes – a great skill to learn.



Understanding – if there is a situation at home that is having an impact on your child, please let us know. We want to help.



Volunteers – join us! You can read with students or help in the classroom.



Wait – in cafeteria for pick-ups.

Write – everyday in some way.



X-cited – get excited about reading!

X-periment – with your child. Life is a learning experience!

X-plore – with your child.



You – and the teacher make a great team!

Yearbooks – are available. Information is sent home several times throughout the year



ZZZZZZs – get plenty of sleep!