Doing metaphysics in non-classical logic workshop, University of Lisbon: Splitting the atom
        University of Lisbon: At the limits of thought


        Philosophy Seminar, Otago: Ordinary Paradox
        University of Auckland: Just true?
        Pukeko Logic Group: Continuous relations
        Kyoto Workshop on Nonclassical Logic III: On substructural logic and metatheory
        Kyoto Workshop on Logic and Metaphysics: On paradox explanation, the inclosure schema, and being ordinary
        New Zealand Association of Philosophers Conference: Atheism and dialetheism


        Philosophy Seminar, Otago: Trivialities
        Institute of Computer Science, Czech Academy of Sciences: Inconsistent mathematics
        Charles University: The case for non-classical logic
        Louvain-la-Neuve, conference: On closure and completeness in substructural theories of truth
        Ruhr-Universitat Bochum: On closure and truth in substructural theories of truth
        LOGICA: Paraconsistent Measurement of the Circle
        University of Colorado Boulder: The case for non-classical logic
        Kyoto Workshop on Dialethesim and Paraconsistency: On what is possible, what is not, and what is both
        Kyoto Workshop on Non-Classical Logic II: A substructural logic for inconsistent mathematics
        University of Kyoto: Paradoxes (series of three lectures)
        University of Kyoto: Paraconsistent Set Theory
        Japanese Society for Philosophy of Science: Dialethesim in philosophy and mathematics
        Buenos Aires Logic Group: On what is possible, what is not, and what is both


        Pukeko Logic Group: Models of Paraconsistent Arithmetic
        Institute of Computer Science, Czech Academy of Sciences: Computation in non-classical foundations?
        University of Ostrava: Introduction to Paraconsistent Mathematics
        Prague Seminar on Non-Classical Mathematics: What is an inconsistent truth table?
        LOGICA: On Paraconsistent Downward Lowenheim-Skolem Theorems
        Department of Physics, Otago: Introduction to Paraconsistent Mathematics
        Department of Philosophy, Waikato: The Last Last Man
    Yonsei University, Pluralism workshop: Inconsistent Truth Tables; Non-Classical Computation (two talks)

        Otago Logic Group: Computation in Non-Classical Foundations?
        Pukeko Logic Group: Closure and substructural logic
        Kyoto Non-Classical Logic Workshop: Closure and substructural logic

        Vagueness workshop, Sydney: "Sorites in Paraconsistent Mathematics"
        ASubL5, Melbourne: "Paraconsistent arithmetic without contraction"
        NZAP, Christchurch: "What is an inconsistent truth table?"
        AAL, Christchurch: "Paraconsistent arithmetic without contraction"     
        Melbourne Logic Group: "Paraconsistent Algorithms?" 
        Otago Logic Group: "Paraconsistent Algorithms" 
        Philosophy Seminar, Otago: "A Family Reunion (of Paradoxes)"
        Paraconsistent Reasoning, Munich: "Recursive functions for paraconsistent reasoners"
        University of Aberdeen: "Paraconsistent Algorithms"
        5th World Congress on Paraconsistency, Kolkata: "Strict Finitism in Paraconsistent Mathematics"
        Non-Classical [Meta]Mathematics Workshop, Otago: "Paraconsistent Mathematics and beyond"        

        Uni-Log 4 (Brazil), Relevant Logic Workshop: "Thither Relevant Arithmetic!"
        Uni-Log 4 (Brazil), Non-Classical Mathematics Workshop: "Fixed Point Theorems"
        Otago Logic Group: "Fixed Point Theorems"
        Philosophy Seminar, Otago: "Inconsistent Boundaries"
        Mathematics Seminar, Otago: "Paraconsistent Mathematics"
        Priestfest, Melbourne: "Generalizing the Inclosure Schema" 
        AAL, Melbourne: "Thither Relevant Arithmetic!" 
        Philosophy Seminar, University of Canterbury: "Unity and Inclosure"
        Pukeko Logic Group (Dunedin): "Modal madness!"
        University of Auckland: "Inclosures; or, a family reunion (of paradoxes)"
        UConn Logic Group: "Non-Classical Models of the Sorites"
        Castleton College: "What is philosophical logic?"
        State University of New York, Binghamton: "What is philosophical logic?"
       Sandia National Laboratories: "What is non-classical Logic?"

        AAP NZ (Wellington): "On Fixed Points, and Endpoints"
        Pukeko Logic Group (Wellington): "Inconsistent Boundaries"
        * Paradox and Logical Revision (Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy): "Naive Validity and Contraction" 
        Curry's Paradox and Paraconsistency (Otago): "Contraction"
        University of Otago Philosophy Seminar: "Sets!"
        Otago Logic Group: "What is Naive Proof?"
        Pukeko Logic Group (Auckland): "Naive proof is recursive!"
        * ConstruMaths2012 (University of Canterbury): "Paraconsistent Mathematics"

        Melbourne Honours Seminar: "Paradoxes and Foundations

        Melbourne Logic Group: "Consistency points in the number line"

        Melbourne Philosophy Cafe: "Contradictions!"

        University of Connecticut: "Paraconsistent Vagueness"        

        St Andrews (Arche): "Paraconsistent Vagueness"

        Paradox and Logic Revision Workshop, Arche: "Between Finite and Infinite"         

        NYU:  "Paraconsistent Vagueness"

        MIT: "Paraconsistent Vagueness"

        University of Massachusetts (Dartmouth): "Paraconsistent Vagueness"

        UConn Logic Group: "Paraconsistent Foundations of Mathematics" 

        University of Massachusetts (Amherst): "Paraconsistent Vagueness"

        CUNY:  "Paraconsistent Mathematics"

        AAP (Dunedin): "Bad Lines"

        Beyond the Possible: Remembering Richard Sylvan: Organizer's Welcome

        Melbourne Logic Group: "Inconsistent Arithmetic"

        University of Otago: "Paraconsistent Vagueness"

        Australian Metaphysics Conference (ANU, Kioloa): "Non-Classical Mereotopology"

        AAL (Wellington): "Inconsistent Continua" (with M. McKubre-Jordens)


        Australian Metaphysics Conference (ANU, Kioloa): "Existence and \Existence."

        Philosophy Seminar Series, Melbourne: "Vagueness: "Topology and Paraconsistency"

        Paraconsistent Mathematics Workshop, Melbourne: "Aims, Strategies, and Sets"        

        AAP (Sydney): "Truth and Proof"

        AAL (Sydney): "Notes on Paraconsistent Real Analysis"

        University of Canterbury, Department of Philosophy: "Figures and Formulae"

        University of Canterbury, Department of Mathematics: "Paraconsistent Mathematics"

        Melbourne Logic Group: "Figures and Formulae"


        Melbourne Logic Group: “A Topological Sorites.” 

        AAPNZ, Massey University: "The Mathematics of Vagueness."


        University of Sydney: “A Paraconsistent Model of Vagueness.” 

        Melbourne Logic Group: “On Boundaries: What do inclosures mean?”

        Australasian Association of Philosophy: “Paraconsistent Induction.” 

        World Congress of Paraconsistency 4: “Paraconsistent Set Theory.”


        Australasian Association of Logic: “Life Without Disjunctive Syllogism” 

        Lives of the Philosophers: “Georg Cantor”

        Melbourne Logic Group: “Paraconsistent Foundations of Mathematics” 

        Postgraduate Colloquium: “Paraconsistent Foundations”         

        Paraconsistent Solutions to Vagueness workshop, University of Sydney. 

        Australasian Association of Philosophy (Armidale): “Paraconsistent Identity.” 

        Plato and Circles Postgraduate Conference. “Non-well-founded sets.”

        Philosophical Society of Southern Africa (Stellenbosch): “On Paraconsistent Ethics.”


        Australasian Association of Philosophy (Canberra): “Reflection Theorems.” 

        Blackwood Annual Conference (Warburton): “Retrograde Myopia.”

        Melbourne-Adelaide Logic Axis: “Extensionality Problems.” 

        Melbourne Logic Group: “On Transfinite Numbers In Paraconsistent Set Theory.” 

        Postgraduate Logic Conference, Melbourne. “Reflecting the Universe.”


        Australasian Association of Philosophy, New Zealand (Dunedin). “Fighting Monsters: Paraconsistent Ethics.”

        Postgraduate Colloquium. “Paraconsistent Ethics.” 

        Australasian Postgraduate Philosophy Conference. “Consequentia Mirabilis: Debating with Dialethism.” 

        Blackwood Conference (Warburton). “Anchors and Axes: Godholes and Foundations.”


        Postgraduate Colloquium. “Paradox and Foundation.”


        Undergraduate Conference, East Coast Division, SUNY Oneonta: “Zenos Paradox.” (discussant)