BA, Philosophy (2003) - State University of New York, Binghamton 
    Honors Thesis Supervised by Eric Dietrich and Martin Dillon

PhD, Philosophy (2009) - University of Melbourne
    Supervised by Graham Priest and Greg Restall.
Research Fellow (2008-09), Sydney Centre for the Foundations of Science, University of Sydney
    ARC project A Paraconsistent Approach to Vagueness (with Mark Colyvan)

Postdoctoral Research Fellow (2010 - 12), University of Melbourne 

Lecturer, 2012 - 13, University of Otago

Senior Lecturer, 2014 - 17, University of Otago

Senior Lecturer above the bar, 2018 - ?, University of Otago


2004-8, International Postgraduate Research Scholarship, Melbourne International Research Scholarship, University of Melbourne

2010    Research Fellow, "Paraconsistent Foundations of Mathematics" Discovery Grant, Australian Research Council (Chief Investigators: Priest and Restall)

2011    Discovery Early Career Research Award, Australian Research Council (declined

2012    Otago Humanities Research Grant, "Curry's Paradox" Workshop

2013     Principal Investigator, "Models of Paradox" Marsden Fund Fast Start Grant, Department of Philosophy (3 years)
            Associate Investigator, "Non-Classical Analysis" Marsden Fund Fast Start Grant, Department of Mathematics (3 years)

2014     Early Career Award for Distinction in Research, University of Otago

Positions held

  • Honorary Fellow, University of Sydney, 2009-11
  • Visiting Scholar, University of St Andrews (Arche), March 2011
  • Scholar of Consequence, University of Connecticut, March/April 2011
  • Honorary Fellow, University of Melbourne, 2012-14
  • Visiting Research Scholar, University of Connecticut, October/November 2013
  • Visiting researcher, University of Kyoto 2016
... and a proud member of the Logician's Liberation League since 2011.


Committee membership

  • Association for Symbolic Logic's Committee for Logic in Australasia
  • 2015-16, Australasian Association of Philosophy's Committee for Philosophy in the Community
  • Ozone Research Group, University of Otago
  • Academic Committee, Humanities, Otago
  • ORCID Steering Group, Otago

Program Committee Member

  • PhDs in Logic, 2017
  • LOGICA 2017
  • LOGICA 2016
  • Indian Conference on Logic and its Applications 2015


Journal of Philosophy
Australasian Journal of Philosophy
Philosophical Quarterly
Philosophical Studies
Canadian Journal of Philosophy
Journal of Philosophical Research
Journal of Symbolic Logic
Australasian Journal of Logic
Notre Dame Journal of Formal Logic
Review of Symbolic Logic
Studia Logica
Journal of Philosophical Logic

Logique et Analyse
SATS _ Norther European Journal of Philosophy
Journal of Logic and Computation
IfCoLog Journal of Logics and their Applications
Logic Journal of the IGPL
Journal of Applied Non-Classical Logic
Studies in Logic
Information Sciences
European Journal for Philosophy 
Mathematical Logic Quarterly
American Philosophical Quarterly
Archive for Mathematical Logic

        On grant proposals   
        Australian Research Council
        The Research Foundation Flanders (FWO)
        Israel Science Foundation
        Freiburg Institute for Advanced Studies

        On book proposals

Conferences Organized

Kyoto Workshop on non-classical logic II, October 26, 2016
Frontiers of Non-Classicality: Logic, Mathematics, Philosophy, January 26-29, 2016, Auckland [link]
Prague Seminar on Non-Classical Mathematics, 11-13 June 2015, Prague [link]
Non-Classical Meta-mathematics, 7-8 February 2014, Dunedin
Curry's Paradox and Paraconsistency, 4 August 2012, Dunedin
Beyond the possible - Remembering Richard Sylvan, 27-29 July 2011, Melbourne[Link]
Paraconsistent Mathematics Workshop, 2-3 August, 2010, Melbourne

*    *    *

According to the Mathematics Genealogy Project, my intellectual family tree is [here]. 

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