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    Under Consideration:

        Well, if I told you that, it might interfere with the blind review process, no?

    In Preparation:

    Inclosures; or, A Family Reunion (of Paradoxes)

    Non-Classical Models of the Sorites, for On the Sorites ed. Otavio Bueno and Ali Abasnezhad, Springer

    Pluralism in Logic, for The Handbook of Pluralism: Theory and Application, ed. V Harrison and D Hare, Acumen Press

    Is naive proof recursive?


    Paraconsistent Arithmetic

    Modal madness! [with Patrick Girard]

    Computation in Non-Classical Logics (with Toby Meadows)

    Non-Classical Set Theories (with P Verdee and H Omori)

    What is an inconsistent truth table?

    Strict Finitism in Paraconsistent Mathematics