The Eleventh Doctor

Catchphrases: "Geronimo!" "Come along Pond!" "Bow ties are cool."

The Eleventh Doctor is a much more eccentric Doctor than his predescessors. He tends to ramble and contradict himself quite often. He is also, under the surface, a much darker Doctor than those who came before him. Immediately following his regeneration, he crashes his TARDIS into the garden shed of eight year old Amelia Pond. In his own words, he is "still cooking" when he meets her so he isn't sure what kind of man he is or even who he is yet. After a hilarious time when he tries to rediscover what foods he enjoys, he tells Amelia that his "ship" is overheating and needs a quick "pop" into the future to cool it down. He promises to come back for her in five minutes but accidentally takes 12 years. It goes without saying that he and now "Amy" Pond have a very strained relationship.

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