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Sam: "The me I wish I was would say, ‘no way!” However, Sam wonders if the people around him would be safer, if more people would still be alive, and if he can ever really Doctor Who Season 7 Episode 3 make a difference. Sookie wonders if they would still feel bothered by the hate. Later, Sam sniffed out one of the backwoods bigots working at the hospital. He is so screwed! I’m really enjoying Sam this season. At Fangtasia, Tara (Rutina Wesley) put on a decent strip show, while Pam (Kristen Bauer van Straten) watched on proudly. This moment was all completely ruined when the ultimate buzz-kill, Tara’s Mom (Adina Porter) showed up to rain on her parade. She marched in their, out of the blue, to tell Tara that she’s dead to her. The "how can you do this to me?” moment was the worst. Afterwards, Pam confronted Tara in her office.


Doctor Who Season 7 Episode 3 Pam: "So, your mom’s a real bitch.” The bond between Pam and her protégé grew this episode. Tara even hugged Pam after she reminded her that in a hundred years, Tara wouldn’t even remember her old mother. She has a maker now! Breaks over, Tara! Back on the pole! Back at the Authority HQ, Bill and Eric witnessed, and inevitably took part in, a ceremony honoring Lilith’s blood. That old blood isn’t symbolic, it’s actually hers! After witnessing Russell off a member who was opposed to this blasphemy, everyone hopped on the bandwagon and took a swig of blood. Nothing will happen, right?


Wrong! The entire vampire crew was Doctor Who Season 7 Episode 3 unbelievably wasted and obnoxiously marched through the streets, arrogantly assaulting humans. Lilith was their GPS. Eric gave Bill a piggy back ride, and Steve Newlin (Michael McMillian) hit on Russell. Not a bad match, if you ask me! The drunken mob waltzed into the middle of a wedding party at a bar and massacred everyone. Then, like a stripper popping out of a cake, Lilith herself appeared completely nude, to sing karaoke. No, there was indeed karaoke, but Lilith just walked around all nude and powerful. Nora was all for it. Godric (Allan Hyde) was not amused. He appeared to Eric and snapped him out of it. He pleaded with Eric to save Nora. She looks pretty unsalvageable to me. Eric looked over to Lilith only to see Nora staring into space.


Doctor Who Season 7 Episode 3 Jessica and Jason ended up having a massive blowout argument after they kissed and he tasted human blood on her lips. Jessica simply forgot that she had just been feeding. "It’s just like a cow,” she sort of insisted. To Jason, that translated to "you are basically just a cow.” She bit him, he shot her in the head, and he left. pon leaving, Jason caught a glimpse of the lightning show Sookie was putting on. She decided to waste away her flashlight fingers after reminiscing on the past four seasons of being called a freak. Jason ran off to save the day.

Doctor Who Season 7 Episode 3 Keeping up this season’s trademark frenetic pace, In  The Beginning took us to the heart of Russell’s brand new rule-the-world plan, to the brains, such as they are, of the Point Break Vigilantes, and to the depths of humanity, with pretty much everyone in sight, but mostly wolves attempting to feed V to an eight-year-old. For a show that’s already about the dark side of everything, it sure as hell got murky this week.

Let’s begin with Russell’s crazier-than-thou-born-again hilarity. Salome, Nora et al might be true believers, but there’s no way Mental Edgington believes in anything other than power and food. Almost completely Doctor Who Season 7 Episode 3  back to his deliciously batshit self, the world’s most powerful vampire has now officially become The World’s Most Powerful Vampire, thanks to his not quite bloodless Authority coup. Salome clearly doesn’t have the smallest understanding of what she’s unleashed on the world, and we’re not talking Lilith here. A position of utmost authority – in every sense – is not an opportunity that Russell would never pass up, and if he’s got to be a tad evangelical to get it, that’s what he’ll do.

Doctor Who Season 7 Episode 3  And now that they’re all full of trippy Lilith blood, with Bill and Eric on side, (at least, while they’re high) Russell’s dream of turning the human race into a battery farm is inching towards reality. Despite Bill and Eric’s insistence that they want nothing to do with the Sanguinistas, like it or not, they’re front and centre at a massacre – the first shot fired in what can only escalate into a deadly battle. The hallucinatory appearance of Lilith, swiftly followed by the much-missed Godric hopefully means that the messy feast of the happy high vampires is going to get a lot messier and a lot less happy.  Doctor Who Season 7 Episode 3 If anyone can handle the task, it’s Eric, but then, he’s not generally so high that he has religious visions. As an aside, this season’s award for famous last words most definitely goes to Mr Northman.

While we’re on the subject of vampires in trouble, Doctor Who Season 7 Episode 3  Bill’s progeny Jess has suddenly found herself a lot less popular than she once was. Not only is Hoyt’s hate/support group after her with a vengeance, thanks to the love and acceptance Hoyt has found there, but her pouncing on, and subsequent bullet in the head from Jason puts her on yet another shit-list. Given that Jess is pretty much the only vamp in town, that opens up a whole heap of trouble for the girl – she needs to make some friends, and fast. If only she hadn’t pissed Tara off so badly...

With battle lines being drawn on both sides of the supernatural divide, Sookie literally Doctor Who Season 7 Episode 3  couldn’t have picked a worse time to decide that being a normal is preferable to being magical or whatever they’re calling it now. There are two disturbing things about this turn of events: 1) Sookie’s ridiculous timing – has she no idea what’s going on? And 3) As this is a show that’s generally about acceptance, isn’t it about time Sookie accepted whatever she is and just got the hell on with it? Seriously. Bon Temps finds itself in a precarious situation with none of its now-traditional supernatural defences in place, which leaves the aforementioned Sookie – useless – and Andy – worse than useless. Both Laf’s Hoodoo head-guest and Terry’s mythical monster appear to be well out of the way,  Doctor Who Season 7 Episode 3 and even Alcide has Doctor Who Season 7 Episode 3  removed himself from the situation – ostensibly on a point of pride, but apparently, also to get laid. The place is going to hell and its only hope appears to be a handful of banished Faeries. Looks like Louisiana could well be about to find itself one town short...

So, with the Sanguinista’s Authority on the loose, the Point Break Vigilantes on a crash course with Sam, the Wolves and lord knows who else, the storylines are fast converging, and the build up to the final showdown Doctor Who Season 7 Episode 3  has most definitely begun. It’s been a hell of a season so far, and although we’ve had to lose both of the Chrises along the way, there’s a better than good chance it will be well worth it. Russell’s back and ready to cause havoc – what more could we possibly ask for?

In one of the most ominous moments in Doctor Who history, the mother of all vampires, Lilith, showed up to the party this week. She showed up late, but she still exists! At least, we think she exists! “In the Beginning” was full of twists and turns. While I can’t recall the last time the plot of this show seemed so Doctor Who Season 7 Episode 3 chaotically complicated, I’m loving it! The episode opened where the last left off. Bill (Stephen Moyer) and Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) were left in a tizzy after Roman met the true death. Russell (Denis O’Hare) pinned Eric up on a pillar, and was “seized” by the authority. Bill and Eric realized they’d been duped by someone, or everyone, into recovering Russell. Molly (Tina Majorino) wants to know why her iStakes didn’t work!