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This website is intended to be a showcase and inspiration for anyone who collects, paints or games with 28 mm miniature figures in the Doctor Who universe.

There are galleries of individual miniatures that I have painted, as well as a few conversions, scratch-builds and detailed painting guides.  Simply follow the links on the left.  As time goes on, in its usual wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey manner, new miniatures and guides will be added; keep an eye on the comments at the bottom of this page for announcements on latest changes, site updates and forthcoming releases.  If you like what you see, would be interested in any personal commisions, or simply want to give any feedback on this site then please drop an e-mail to

I hope you enjoy it - Darren

 The Small Print

All images of individual miniatures are the property of the author. All screen shots / TV images are copyright BBC unless stated otherwise. Header picture is the property of Kathryn Andersen - the original artwork, from which this was taken, can be found here.  All paint, ink and wash names and descriptions are copyright Games Workshop.  My personal preference when painting miniatures is to use Games Workshop products.  Other brands and products are available and I am in no way endorsing Games Workshop products in preference to these alternates.  No copyright infringement in part or whole is intended.