The Adipose featured in Partners in Crime, the episode which saw  Donna Noble acquainted with the Tenth Doctor and become his companion. The Adipose that feature in the episode ar
e only young.The Adipose reproduced on Nursery Worlds. When on Earth, the Adipose's development was started when a pill from Adipose Industries was ingested. The young Adipose would grow, collecting fat from around the body. Every night, the Adipose would then be born and leave the body.
I think everyone likes The Adipose and this prompted us to construct a small display. The stress toys that the B.B.C released are a pretty accurate representation. a box of the Adipose pills from the episode was replicated, a banner was printed and with the addition of a few other bits and pieces, we had our little display. Although only simple this little display has proved very very popular. For the future I hope to add the Doctors Adipose detector and maybe even a screen with an Adipose commercial.