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Best Fake Doctor Notes - The most popular website for printable doctor excuses.  Voted #1 by people at the review site! - A doctors excuse webpage full of links, and free information.  A look into why people are seeking printable doctors excuses and a comparision of benefits afforded the American worker compared to workers in other developed nations. (more)
MSNBC - Feeling like playing hooky, but nervous about getting caught? The Excused Absence Network has got your back.  For about $25, students and employees can buy excuse notes that appear to come from doctors or hospitals. Other options include a fake jury summons or an authentic-looking funeral service program complete with comforting poems and a list of pallbearers (more).
PRBUZZ - Feeling like skipping work, but worried about getting caught? Don't worry.  For about $10, students and employees can buy excuse notes that appear to come from doctors or hospitals (more)
PRWEBB - Controversial Fake Doctor Note Website Improves Product, Doubles Internet Exposure.
Charlston Press - Sick of working? A virtual fake doctor is eager to prescribe the cure.  May sound out there. But considering close to one-third of workers called in sick to miss work last year (according to a survey), Web sites like these have a market, especially for employees who are required to produce documentation when they miss work. - Get the 411 on doctors notes including ratings from patrons of sites offering novelty doctors notes. - Download a sample fake doctor's note. - Get a direct link to 30+ printable doctors excuses! - Is there such a thing as a free fake doctor's note?
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