Your home is in you. My home is in me. It is not inside walls, furniture or clothes. It is right inside you. Inside me...
There is a story about a student who visited his Sufi teacher. He travelled a long way to Asia from North America to find his teacher sitting in the centre of an empty room. 
- Where is your furniture, teacher? - asked the student. 
- And where is yours? - replied the teacher.
- Oh, I am just temporary here, - said the student.
- I am temporary here too, - replied the teacher. 
Humans forget about their real home inside their Selves while spending most of life in search for home.
At 20 young people leave parents' home in search for their own.
At 30 adults afford their own walls and during next 20 years fill their houses with things.
At 50 mature people experience the middle age crisis and hate all those things acquired. 
At 60 aging people become ill or die.
At 70 more aging people continue becoming ill or die. The same at 80 and 90. 
Humans die not having found their home that is inside their Selves. 

Your home is in you 

You look for your Self among others. You will only find others there. You always run away from your solitude to others. You are afraid of your own silence. It makes you think so deeply that you become scared and prefer others' noise to your own mysterious silence. Among others you obtain that "necessary" experience that society requires from you in your social establishment to ensure that you have learned from others enough to become not so different: do like others, think like others and live like others. Your life may end at any moment. Society will continue evolving without you. One day, you may make a U-turn to your Self to find it under hundreds of layers of societal norms, regulations and taboos that constructed you as a social entity. Only you have this magical chance given to you by your life - to find your home, your own Self, your core, this transcendent sense of your life.     

My home is in me 

I've been seeking my Self for decades by crying at my mistakes and laughing at my achievements. My indefatigable seeking deprived me of my inner peace. I thought my search meant my growth. Upward , raising my branches. Downward, deepening my roots. The Other made me constantly seek my Self among others. But looking for my social Self I was moving away from my inner Self. I betrayed my home inside me by establishing new social goals. I didn't listen to my silent Self that watched me and waited for me. One day I read Krishnamurti’s saying that peace comes when searching stops. I've stopped seeking my peace, my home, my own Self, my core, the transcendent sense of my life. It's all turned out to be here, in me, awaiting my insight from my first breath...

If you go towards your Self,
 but not away from it, 
you will find your home.
Outside, you only find the Other
and to understand the Other
 you should go inside you.  

If I go towards my Self,
but not away from it,
I will find my home.
Outside, I only find the Other
andto understand the Other
I should go inside me, 
not outside.