Meet Lady Atom and Doctor Science.

     Lady Atom, real name Dra. Helga Schneider and also known as Science SuperLady ,and his brother Doctor Science, real name, Dr Jake Martínez and his jaguar Atom They were born in Drsdenov in Latveria ,1979. A highly intelligent good scientists,  they are members  of the league scientists  superheroes that struggles against people which use Science in a bad way. They are typically portrayed as a briliant, smart and sophisticated couple who uses the powerful of knwoledge to teach and learn Science to all mankind. 

Helga and Jake  became a brilliant and respected nuclear physicists, atomic research consultants, inventors, and lectureres. They designed a set of highly advanced items  to show the world how beautiful Science would be

They  are also well know for fighting against mad criminals as Dr Brainstuff or the CravenRaven.

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