Esther's First Month



With great joy, we brought Esther home on December 22nd, 2006.  Here are some pictures of the new family learning to live together.


Sleep schedule?  What sleep schedule?


Here we are giving Esther her first bath.  She screamed the entire time!  Grandpa Isaac says we should use warm water.  Ha ha, very funny.



Esther has had difficulty breastfeeding.  Our lactation nurse advised us to train her sucking with this "supplemental nursing system", a tiny silicone catheter connected to a bottle of breastmilk.  (After a few weeks, she was able to breastfeed through a nipple shield.)  Here's dad feeding breastmilk to Esther:


During a lunchbreak, daddy came home for a quick visit.  Esther grabbed his collar and wouldn't let go!  Guess it won't be such a "quick" visit after all.


Here's mommy and baby in the cozy little sling:


Esther has long, slender fingers.  Maybe she'll play piano one day!


Mommy needs to get her rest so she can provide those nutritious midnight feeds.  And 3am.  And 6am...

This is how mellow Esther is after an afternoon feeding.  We wish she could be like this all the time!

Esther likes to curl up like this when she is held.  Whenever we wonder how Esther fit in Nancy, we just need to see her scrunch like this.

Grandpa and Grandma Isaac gave Esther a miniature Radio Flyer wagon, so we decided to get her a full-sized wagon too.  It took a while to assemble, but should offer years of fun-filled memories.

Another bath picture:


Our first "family photo" since bringing Esther home.  Time flies; she is four weeks old now!