Making space for our little one


With great joy, Nancy and I put together the baby's room.  We bought much of this furniture from Dr. Martinson, who recently moved away.








The new windows will give our baby plenty of fresh air.  Nancy cut and installed the blinds, and painted the trim as well.








Here's the diaper changing table we bought from the Martinsons.  To the right is a "Diaper Champ" for disposing diapers.  It was a hand-me-down from the McCubbins at church.








Here's Nancy posing with the doll from Matthew and Michelle Phan (our baby's first present).  We'll be rocking our baby to sleep on this chair one day!




































It's never too early to start a baby's library!  The first book was The Bible in Pictures for Toddlers from Peter's grandmother.  We then added The Baby Bible Storybook.  Our most recent addition: Cars and Trucks and Things That Go (one of Nancy's childhood favorites).