Life Besides Esther

Stuff we do when Esther isn't looking 

 We went to Apple Mountain (which is more like a hill than a mountain) and enjoyed a day of snow sports.  Peter learned to never, ever say, "Race you down the hill!"

Nancy hasn't skiied since high school, but she looked like a pro on the slopes.  You can see the lift behind her.  This was a very fun evening getaway!

Nancy made these delicious chocolate covered strawberries.  Peter made them disappear :)

We invited some friends over for supper.  They are vegans, so Peter decided to make stir-fry and serve it on rice.  The veggies were so colorful that we couldn't resist taking a photo.

Here's the finished product:


We try to get away for a date at least once a month.  Nancy always dreamed of going to the symphony, and Peter is a big fan of baroque.  When the Saginaw Bay Symphony Orchestra announced the performance of "The Four Seasons", we jumped in line for tickets!  It was our first time at the beautiful Temple Theater.

It was fun to dress up.  Sorry this picture was blurry:

Before Peter started taking so many pictures of Esther (over 400 in four months) he was always taking pictures of Nancy.  Here's a recent photo of Nancy.  She keeps increasing in beauty!

Peter loves sushi!  Here are some photos of his first attempt at making it.

...And here's Peter's second attempt at sushi.  This time, he used tuna and avocado.

Long ago, Nancy shared with Peter her dream of having a "Hope Chest".  These chests, often made of cedar, are traditionally used by young women to store fine linens and valuables in preparation for the marriage and home life.  Peter quietly kept this in mind and made plans to secretly build her one.  First, he studied a hope chest built by one of his fellow residents for his wife.  Then he purchased blueprints and made estimates on what tools and lumber he'd need.  After many months of planning and saving up, Peter showed the blue prints to Ben Ginac, a carpenter in his Sunday School class, and arranged to build the chest together.  Originally, Peter planned to give this to Nancy as a surprise anniversary gift, but he couldn't wait that long!  Nancy received her surprise a couple of weeks ago.  Since then, we've stained and varnished it.  "We" meaning "mostly Nancy" because she has such an eye for detail and is experienced with varnishing.  The chest is built from solid oak and oak plywood while the inside is lined with aromatic cedar; this gives strength and beauty on the outside with fragrance and protection on the inside.  Here's the finished product:

The flowers were in bloom, Esther was in bed, and we were in our Sunday best.  Peter never passes up a photo opportunity like that!


While the grandparents took Esther grocery shopping, Nancy and I went out on Grandpa's dock for some quiet time together.

We new parents wanted to hang out, so we left our babies with the grandparents and enjoyed an evening together.  After eating at a Mexican restaurant in Seattle's Greenwood neighborhood, we went for a stroll around Greenlake.

Here we are in the bleachers used to watch the crew teams race.  Thanks for the fun evening!  We miss you guys.

Peter surprised Nancy by taking her out on a date.  He arranged a baby sitter, made reservations, and spent the entire evening with her.  Nancy didn't even know what restaurant they were going to until they arrived: Spencer's