Esther's Birth

Born December 20th, 2006 

 Esther was born at 10:47am, after about 24 hours of painful induction, active labor, hard pushing, and finally a c-section!

Here's Daddy cutting the umbilical cord.  This being a c-section, this is more ceremonial than anything else. 

 Read 'em and weep.  This was a NINE POUND THREE OUNCE bundle of joy.  And 21.5 inches long!

 The nurses tried to plot Esther's dimensions on a chart.  I say "tried" because, as you can see, she is off the charts!  The black dots made with pen represent her length, weight, and head circumference compared to other babies.

The nurses put Esther's footprints onto Daddy's arm.  How cute!


Here's the new family, together for the first time.

This is Dr. Russell, our wonderful obstetrician.  Thank you Dr. Russell! 


 Esther's first surprise present to her daddy.  The first of many.

These are pictures of Esther taken 12/21/06: