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Health For Life Clinic, Inc. provides clients with comprehensive, personalized healthcare through naturopathic and holistic medicine, acupuncture, nutrition, western botanical herbs & natural supplements, and lifestyle improvement.  Ann Lee, naturopathic doctor & acupuncturist, serves Lancaster, PA in complementary & alternative medicine, with a specialty in infertility (natural fertility).  She has been practicing in the Lancaster area since 2010.

TV Interview with Dr. Lee

"I take the time to explain how all your symptoms are connected, get you answers, and lay out concrete steps to take that will make a difference towards your health goals.  Your biggest question is whether I can help you with your problem or condition.  I work with you as a person, not your conditions.  You hold the key because your body has the ability to heal itself, and I provide you with the tools you need to heal- that is health for life!  You have access to a wealth of health information that can be overwhelming and confusing of what to do that will get you results.  Let an expert create a roadmap for you, especially if you have no time to experiment for yourself.  Your success depends on what you think is possible for yourself."  Dr. Lee 

Benefits of Naturopathic Medicine & Acupuncture:
  • Increased energy and vitality throughout the day
  • Mental clarity
  • Improved digestion
  • Hormone, thyroid, and adrenal balance
  • Reduced PMS, hot flashes, or menopausal symptoms
  • Stress relief
  • Pain relief from joint problems and muscle aches
  • Relief from migraines, headaches, and sinus congestion
  • Less colds, flu, infections
  • Better sleep
  • Create life balance for greater well being — mind, body and spirit
  • Experience health that allows inner peace, motivation, life purpose

This Is For You If:
  • You want to explore complementary and natural alternatives and a whole person approach to manage your health
  • You have seen many specialists and all testing is normal but you still have symptoms and are not feeling 100%, but can't get any answers as to why
  • You need someone to help you understand and explain in detail what is causing your symptoms and how the body works
  • You want long-term sustainable solutions that get to the root of the problem, and not quick fixes, even natural ones, that just mask the symptoms
  • You want a healthcare practitioner who listens to all your concerns and spends time to figure out exactly what is causing all your symptoms, instead of someone who is only able to see you for 5-15 minutes
  • You are interested in naturopathic medicine, acupuncture, releasing mental blocks, and want to experience it all cost effectively (doing it all separately can be expensive)
  • You are frustrated with the healthcare you are getting now and am looking for a holistic approach where you feel taken care of
  • You realize that diet and lifestyle plays a major role in health and want some guidance on how to start right away
  • You want to learn nutritional, environmental, social, emotional, and behavioral lifestyle factors that are affecting your health, so you can manage your own health, get well and stay healthy
  • You are overwhelmed by all the information on the internet or TV and need someone to help clarify and recommend steps that will help you reach your health goals
  • You are looking to be proactive to stay healthy and have the best quality of life for your entire life
  • You don't have a lot of time for self-care, and this is a way to schedule in self-care for yourself so you don't burn out
  • You do have more time for self-care, and am looking for something else to add to what you are already doing such as yoga, meditation, etc.

This Is NOT For You If:
  • If you are looking for a quick fix for a chronic concern that has been going on for awhile
  • If you solely want to focus on weight loss.  Focusing on weight loss attracts more 'struggle' with weight loss.  If you are willing to shift your focus to optimizing health, then this can be a good fit.  It is recommended to put away your scale while you are coming to the clinic and become aware of how you are fitting into your clothes, as the goal is to create more muscle, which weighs more than fat, to replace fat.  Those who lose weight too quickly only end up gaining more later as they go through a perpetual yo-yo with their metabolism.  The more gradual the weight loss, the more sustainable it remains in the long run.
  • If you are expecting fast results without working on your diet
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