Pacman for Console

By Mike Billars 

Okay, so basically, I got tired of enabling flash on my browser so that I could play Pacman.
That, and I was extremely bored one night. So I decided to make my own Pacman... for Console.

It was written for Linux and OS X, but I'm sure someone can get it working in DOS/Windows if they really felt like it. 

Repo Patches to 1.2 for bugfixes and Makefile changes - Thanks to G. raud (2014-03-30)

Gentoo eBuild: pacman-1.2.ebuild - Submitted by J. R. Mauro (2008-01-08)

Debian/Ubuntu: pacman4console - Thanks to Eriberto (2006-12-06)

Or Compile from source: 

pacman-1.3.tar.gz (2014-04-26)

pacman-1.2.tar.gz (2006-12-12)

pacman-1.1.tar.gz (2006-12-08)

pacman-1.0.tar.gz (2006-06-09)