Nutrition Policy

Promoting policies that foster health eating and activity for our families, communities, and country. 

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It's not easy to be healthy.  Our bodies are designed to store fat.  Our communities are designed to drive around, instead of walk around.  The food industry spends billions of dollars on advertising to convince to eat sugary/fatty foods from a young age.  They also refuse to advertise what is really in the foods they are selling.  On the other hand, the government spends little on healthy food advertising and health promotion.  Here are some ideas for change:

  • Design communities for activity- build towns to allow for easy walking and provide gyms/courts/playgrounds so everyone can easily exercise 
  • Change the food subsidy system- our current system makes meat and corn syrup cheap, while vegetables an are relatively expensive.  See my report on how governmental policies effect food prices.
  • Healthy Hospitals- make hospitals and health centers places where people can get healthy food and receive education on a healthy lifestyle.  See AMSA's Healthy Hospitals website. 
  • Menu Labeling- Americans eat out more than ever.  Menuboards at fast food restaurants give basic information so consumers can see how many calories are in a Big Mac before they purchase one.  (Example: Big Mac, 590 cals, $239)
  •  Healthy Schools- We need to start our kids our right.  The food in America's schools does not uphold to the standards our own government puts out.
  • Ban Trans Fats- These unhealthy fats are dangerous and should not be eaten.  Just like any other synthetic dangerous food additive, they should be banned from the food system.