Books and Websites

Here are resources that you can trust for good nutrition advice. 

Websites and Newsletters

Harvard Nutrition Source- A Great Overview of the different parts of a healthy diet.

Eating Green- A great site from CSPI where you can calculate how healthy your diet is for you and the environment 

Nutrition Action Healthletter- A great monthly publication on topics such as Breat Cancer Prevention, The Battle of the Diet Books, Avoiding Trans Fat Traps, and the Health Effects of Salt.  Also includes recipes and ratings of foods. Very cheap to subscribe.

Caveman Diet a pamphlet created by Wayne Altman, MD to make food choices simple

US Food Guide Pyramid- not the greatest website or pyramid, but it has some good tools

5 A Day Program- Use this governement website to see how many cups fruits and veges you need per day.  Then see what a cup of veges looks like.  Also includes ideas for including more fruits and veges in your daily life.

Cornell Nutrition Works- A Highly Scientific website for professionals who want nutrition information


Eat, Drink, and Be Healthy by Walter Willett- a great overview of the research on what to eat

Eat, Drink, and Weigh Less- a followup to the above book with a real plan on how to eat healthier