AC3 Normalizer

Normalize AC3 files


Installer: Creates a folder in Program Files directory and shortcut on Start Menu. No registry entries or files in the Windows directory are created.

Standalone: Unzip to a folder of your choice. Create your own shortcut if required. To uninstall, simply delete the folder.


13/06/08 - Support added for AC3 2.0 files.

Bug fix: If no Dynamic Range Compression was selected, no audio in processed file.

11/06/08 - Bug fix: DragDrop placed files on Desktop instead of app folder.

10/06/08 - VideoLAN warning removed

09/06/08 - First release

How often did you had to turn up the volume of your television set / DVD player to hear the audio of your DVD discs, which were created with AC3 files? 

This application addresses some of the volume issues with transcoded AC3 files. It is based on a Soopa toolkit, just in a GUI format. Soopa created some batch files, which use AviSynth, Aften and WAVI. The original batch files and article can be found here.

He gave me permission to use the batch files as a basis for this application, and this is the end product.

It is very easy to use. You can either process a group of AC3 files in a specified folder, or drag and drop AC3 files into the application folder for processing. You can select your own bitrate and level of dynamic range compression. If you have VideoLAN installed, then you can play the AC3 files in this application.

Requirements: AviSynth 2.57 or higher


 Source folder

Drag and Drop


If you have any suggestions, questions, please feel free to post on this board.