Projects - Provides much of the original NASA public content contained in my video(s) & hopefully yours, the proof must grow. - Provides my 3 videos of over 400 Alien images & more than 2 dozen images of Alien vehicles & buildings & 44 Apollo mission video snippet proofs, these are all untampered evidences & may be easily duplicated by any person, judge or jury.
1) Not a believer? (yet)  Just break it down: Then, why are all of NASA's pictures & videos of the poorest consumer quality when absolutely no expense was spared & everything ever used by NASA, including computers, their software & programmers & photography equipment, is customed made by the inventors & patent holders of cutting edge & not available to the public technology. Sorry, but no camera nor video nor film of mine ever was full of blots, fogging, smears, smudges, huge range of quality or ever showed shadows as completely pitch black nor ever "missed" recording a shadow. But, "amazingly", this is all that NASA's better than professional quality ever does, especially with their latest public content though they have no excuse now that the public's own equipment defeats all photographic "difficulties" with point & shoot everything. Nope, the idiot public continues to trust their every lying master, though the people themselves can go get a disposeable camera for $10 to receive absolutely perfect pictures. The stupidity that surrounds me is just incredible.
My investigation into the Earth's Moon & NASA's Apollo Mission videos (YouTube Videos, link above) revealed the conspiracy & the MOON PEOPLE. Yes MOON PEOPLE, an entire society of many races from very tiny size to unbelievably huge (MILES long &/or wide). What many people don't realize is that these MOON PEOPLE shots are from 40 years ago & the Moon People are still there, RIGHT NOW! Find a good telescope, get close, clear & stable. Please make my video obsolete, I'm dying to see what these people, buildings & ships look like without NASA edits, red & green seem big. Once your mind let's you see the TRULY AMAZING truth in each shot, you'll be astonished & maybe a little scared. My breakthrough came as my mind switched from, "those are creatures" to "why didn't they tell us". When my mind allowed the puzzle to reveal itself is when my stomach sank. That our leaders are truly & ACTUALLY living a secret life that has absolutely nothing to do with us! It's like finding out your Dad has a whole nother family. The Moon People are on every Planet & Moon & vastly out number us!
The main problem is that some people "can't accept" the Moon People. This is where the Matrix movie really proves itself & I've now run into it 6-times since 9/08 (my first video version), though my entire invesigation can be fully & readily confirmed without me. You'll also notice the "Comments" on my video(s) are sparse & only a partial affirmation, no committals or confirmations. The mind just can't allow it to happen because it means we'll actually meet someday, but resentment for now from being left out of the loop. The mind doesn't compute & begins denial loops to interpret what you saw into what you know. Which is, that NO ONE, BEFORE MY VIDEO, has provided any REPEATABLE PROOF & especially wouldn't release it to public scrutiny. That's the reason I only gave a chance to the media(s), so it wouldn't slip into oblivion. Another problem is YouTube as the launchpad, well I tried the Networks, Sub-Networks, UFOlogists & The Disclosure Project, but none YET have any interest. Amazingly, people admit seeing the Moon Person(s) or Craft in shot after shot, but by the end of my video they deny seeing anything, but rocks. I know this is a big nugget, the day that people hoped for but are not prepared for, I wasn't. To have these creatures staring you right in the face & have been just waiting to be discovered for 40 years was frightening. What else has my Gov't done or lied about without my vote, input or knowledge & how can this proof be right there for some bum to stumble across? I didn't believe until I started noticing things disappearing & changing color, shadow or shape. The camera is stationary ALWAYS, it only spins, looks up or down. Shadows, colors & shapes don't change AT ALL! Then I questioned why there are ANY mountain ranges, the Moon is flat except for craters, level crater raised rims, a few creation volcanos or just vents, minimal ice fields & "impact" debris. No plate-techtonics & according to NASA, the Moon has no proof of any ET pebble, rock or meteor ever impacting the Moon to even make a single crater.
That's right, the Moon answered everything about GOD & Earth's society, beliefs, superstitions & traditions. I have the pictures on youTube of creatures with heads in our image, creatures that are snake bodied & therefore forced to always crawl on their belly, even an actual picture of God with his glasses & black robe. Yep, God is nothing but a mammoth life-form & apparently a 100-mile tall robot run by tiny Aliens that are larely our size & much smaller, down to the microscopic level, see the Eddie Murphy movie Dave. Only their heads match & even God is technically cursed to crawl on his belly in his/it's natural movement & not his faked bipedal fashion. Yep, just about every species on the Moon appears to be snake based or more accurately, tongue or Elephant trunk based. Some are just large heads with a slim ribbon like body that ends with a forked tail (Y). So, did I also find Satan, Hell & Heaven on the Moon? That, I don't know for sure, but the Bible's book of JOb does have God & Satan literally rubbing shoulders at the bar. What happens with the Aliens, which God confesses to be, is that their forked tail allows them to stand on just their tail, like a dolphin looks while jumping out of the water (J). Or, if the forks are long they actually walk like us on their tippy-toes or fin tips (/\), it's where we got the unnatural & detrimental ballerina garbage. Especially, if they have arms & many Aliens do. The "important" Aliens actually wear white or black face masks & black robes, where we got the judges white powdered wigs & black robes. And, Earth's Elite has told us & shown us everything about the Aliens & God through Cartoons. Yep, I'm the only one with the truth & proof, in the public. THIS, is what the 32nd & 33rd degree FreeMasons know & have been killing & conquering to protect from the idiot slave public. Yes, our world in nothing but a completely fabricated lie & God's just a guy & he is quite flawed & doesn't know anything that he doesn't see. But, the Aliens are only somewhat advanced, but they also may just be different, not really better. Their medical isn't automated, they still have police & they still have micro-management of society down to every level. It's all the same stupidity of Earth & exactly why Earth is the way it is & why it's all wrong to throw away freedom for only the "Authorities" benefit or to anyone's detriment.
MOON PEOPLE CONSPIRACY RESULTS & More - First is the blatant betrayal of the U.S. & WORLD population, the U.S. Gov’t wonders why no one trusts them & despises them. Second is why we even have The Constitution, to make Gov’t accountable & unable to practice an unregulated, hidden or secret Gov’t. Third is the reason we got rid of Hitler, a Gov’t of unlimited abilities, abuses & power ALWAYS leads to martial law, ethnic or “rebel” cleansing & religious wars. Hitler was just an exploited flea, the U.S. wiped out millions of Indians & MILLIONS MORE in war after war (billions in total). Stalin & the Catholic Church killed over 50 million INNOCENT people, EACH. Even today these criminals continue to broadcast their lies while millions around the world die from starvation & diseases, all created & specifically allowed by these monsters, it’s always been that the population pays the dearest. It’s one thing if you're part of the Gov’t body or the military, to be killed or disfigured, those are CHOSEN paths. War has NEVER been NECESSARY, but death has & will continue to be. Most if not all people are happy with "enough", it's the rare breed that wants to rule & enslave the world so they can once again live as Kings, Queens & Pharaohs. What they fail to realize is that the world NEVER needed money. You work for free & get EVERYTHING for free, then we just trade or SUPPLY our SURPLUS ONLY to other countries for what we or they are lacking & everyone is free to have or have not. No crime, envy, jealousy, worry & eventually no waste: Once everyone gets over their “learned” hoarding nature & notices that more crap is just more crap, not status, power or influence. Then we can manufacture or produce ONLY what's needed or on order, then we go on vacation until needed again. The invention of requirements for money had its chance & it failed miserably, now let's give it up. Just as the Mayans & a dozen others predicted correctly, this current world MUST & WILL end, as these fabricated pursuits are completely meaningless & NON-productive. If you don't know, the USA is still a colony of England, the Queen is All-powerful & shares the world's wealth for control of the world with Rockefeller, Rothschild, Schiff, Warburg, elite-etc. ALL those families, including 98% of U.S. Presidents & Astronauts were/are all high level Freemasons & Zionists. Look up the Georgia (USA) Guide-Stones - 1st rule, goal or MISSION is WORLD population of less than 500 million. This & other "New World Order" objectives ARE being carried out behind the world's back, Bush, Rockefeller, Daddy Bush, Reagan, Eisenhower, Truman, Kennedy, Roosevelt, Jefferson, you name it/them, have either confessed or slipped-out to their participation or knowledge of the New World Order to enslave & oppress the world, FURTHER. No you can't get in, the families for this group go back to Egypt & to those who provided the ways & means to make it all happen for the last 100 years. They want absolutely everything under their thumb while their military (ourselves) uses the servant public for target practice if we have too many babies or start to think or figure out too much. NOW, before they succeed, is the time to pull everyone out of the military & allow no one else to enter, their ONLY real power (us) MUST be UNPLUGGED until the people abolish the current world. Otherwise, World War III (as planned & precisely calculated) will kill everyone “necessary”, if nature doesn't first (Eris/Planet-X, Pole Shift, Solar Flare, Alien Invasion). Sorry to be so windy, but this is FACT not fiction, it has happened with every country that EVER existed since the Ancient Egyptians. The Constitution was the ONLY & perfect crossroads, but the powers-that-be took the money & ran down the wrong path all over again. Even if you think you know all this, I'm sure it’s only the tip of the iceberg. This world's controlling power has ONLY the mission to own everything & enslave everything else for their own indulgence & WORSHIP. Without the millennia of deception, fraud & totally pointless “societies”, we could have saved everyone from ALL disasters. We are where we were 6000 years ago, imagine where we'd be today without the lies & became equals with the Moon People to colonize the universe. Imagine the creativity that would have never been dismissed or ignored. If the Earth literally recycles itself every 26000 years, then great! But here we are on the verge of being wiped out, for the 4th, 5th or 100th time, with nothing for future generations to start with or AVOID. What a cruel God/joke that the story remains the same, just the victims change. This is where the Zodiac or Paganism comes in, I see the Zodiac as a pocket calculator & further theorize the Sumerians, Mayans, Druids, Western Indians, Chinese & Egyptians (more I'm sure) had a Zodiac Computer figured out. MANY have said that the universe has experienced everything, so why not? Zodiac is the only method (religious or not) that has proven itself & provided, with high accuracy, peoples different traits, strengths & weaknesses from the day of birth. NO RELIGION or GOD could attempt that little “trick”. All right I'll leave it there, for now.
My other projects:

Well, I failed to get any meaningful answers, proof or research out of The Pope's, Priests, Clerics, Rabbi's, Elders & hundreds of Congregation

Members. I'm an ex-Christian driven to become an Atheist, Humanist & Futurist because of God, The Bible, Religion & especially The Religious


Please do yourself a favor & read your own Bible or whatever Book of God you reference before you decide to dismiss me & continue on with your

very bad habits.

Religion's & The Religious' Failures (omni-denominational)

Eternal Life

Maybe you think God said you'll get an afterlife. Well he never did. God, Jesus & some Disciples even explain that just an institution or the new religion

was being established to be perpetuated by future followers. The very many statements throughout the Bible by God, Jesus & others of "The God of

Isaac" & "The Lord of Moses" & "The God of Jacob" greatly enforce the eternity of the institution, rather than any individual's afterlife. Thus, why there

was a "Tree" of Life in the Garden of Eden, trees grow & reproduce. Adam & Eve failed to follow just one Commandment & the tree was then kept from

them. The tree was not destroyed, but it is, even today, closely guarded by who are commonly known as the Illuminati. They do keep a book of

members who faithfully served until physical death.

See: Genesis 18:19, Exodus 20:6, Deuteronomy 5:28-33, Psalm 49 & 74, Ezekiel 37:15-25, Daniel 12:1-4,

Zechariah 1:2-6, Matthew 19:16-17, John 6:43-51, 1John 2, 2John 1

Replacing Animal Sacrifices & Specific Sin Atonements with hollow Prayer & anonymous Donations

Maybe you think God or Jesus instructed God's commanded Atonements to no longer be practiced. Well neither of them ever did, they both said only

to stop the insincerity & to conduct the Atonements with importance, devotion & accuracy in passing on the religion. These are blatant perversions of

all religions, they all take God's Word completely out of context & absurdly steal even just pieces of paragraphs, let alone sentences, to justify their

false claims of forgiveness. There is no forgiveness for a knower of God's Decrees, Satan has none.

See: Isaiah 1:11-16, Jeremiah 6:16-20, Hosea 6 & 14 (all of both), Malachi 1:6-14, Matthew 5:23-24,

Luke 5:14, Hebrews 9:7-10 & 15 (This is all of Hebrews I will include, as it's a very wrong opinion &

  contradicts God, The Bible & Jesus. I will illustrate this next.)

Replacing God & His Laws with Jesus

Maybe you think Jesus' was to replace God's Atonements with his own death because of Hebrews 9, 10 & 11. Well, that's very unfortunate & I'm sorry

to say Hebrews is the only book that repeatedly makes many other & this absurd purely opinion-based claim due to the blindness that all religions

today possess & profess, because it was the converting Hebrews re-inventing religion by their own minds & turning away from God & God never said anything was to change. But, Hebrews was written to entice the Jews into resurrection back to God. Jesus was not sacrificed in any kind of

ceremony specified by God, was not declared unto God, no specific sin was presented for his death & Jesus wasn't killed by a High Priest nor in a God

approved Temple or Tabernacle. Most disturbing about this portion of the Hebrews Book is that it completely dismisses God & his Laws. Even for the

least sinful offenses there are God specifics for any sacrifice or offering on personal behalf of the known sinner, as any sin by a knower of God's Law

was, is & will always be death. Lastly, this Hebrews nonsense is flatly proven fraudulent by the promised Armageddon & Apocalypse in The Revelation,

as God would have no wrath if everyone was sinless. And, absolutely every life on Earth would be saved from God's wrath & granted a free pass into

Heaven by simply being born, rather pointless.

See: Leviticus 1:4 & 17:8-11, Deuteronomy 12:13-14 & 18:9-11, Malachi 3:1-8, 1Corinthians 15:21-28,

1Peter 3:18, 1John 5:18-20, Revelation 1:2-6 & 3:1-3

(These cover both God's sin consequence & Jesus' true use & purpose)

Replacing the Seventh Day Sabbath

Maybe you think Sunday is a Sabbath at all or that the Sabbath was changed upon Jesus' death. Well, I've never understood this & there is no basis for

this widespread blatant sin of not honoring God's Sabbath. I'd say look it up, but it's nowhere in the Bible & it's entirely based upon people rushing to

Jesus' tomb to find his body missing. The Bible is abundantly clear that the people honored God's Sabbath & checked Jesus' tomb only after the

Sabbath...on Sunday. Therefore, having no idea when Jesus ascended "to his resting place", which was most likely on the Sabbath since Jesus also

healed & saved on the Sabbath. Sunday is utter nonsense of Religion & The Religious ridiculously putting Jesus above, beyond & before God,

laughably as his replacement & successor.

See: Matthew 28:1, Mark 16:1-2, Luke 23:56 & 24:1, John 20:1

Repentance & Forgiveness as the Church or Religion

Maybe you think Jesus crossed-out & wiped away God's Laws to establish a whole new covenant. Maybe, because of Hebrews 9, 10 & 11, which is 

clearly only relaying that the Jews were forgiven by God for their insincerity & granted a last chance to correct themselves by following Jesus'

example. But again, Religion & The Religious miss the point of Jesus entirely & literally throw away the rest of the Bible to come up with their frauds &

outright perversions. John was instructed to Baptize on the premise of repentance & forgiveness & Baptize only ever meant initiatory, introductory &

starting point. Jesus' existence was all about being unconditionally & unquestionably devoted to God & God's Laws. We were to be resurrected back to

God with Jesus by his example, not by his body or blood. No, everyone wants to call God & His Laws obsolete. Is it God's Kingdom or Jesus' 

Kingdom? Is God the Father or is Jesus? Does it make any sense, at all, that God suddenly dropped his entry exam? Does it even make sense that

"your stolen Jesus" comes back in The Revelation with immeasurable wrath, being fresh out of forgiveness, patience, compassion & love? Does it

make sense for you dictate to God that Heaven is no different than Earth that is crawling with unworthy & sinners?

See: Isaiah 30:1-15, Amos 5:4,7,10,12,13&14, Matthew 3:6-12, Mark 1:1-8, Luke 5:31-32 & 24:45-53,

Acts 5:29-32 & 11:15-18 & 13:23-24,26-27,32-33,43-48 & 20:21,28,32, Romans 2:12-16 & 25-29,

2Corintians 7:1, 2Timothy 2:25, Hebrews 6:1-6, 2Peter 3:9

Satan as an evil horned Red Goat or Bull

Maybe you think Satan, The Devil, The Serpent, The Baphomet or The Beast is correctly portrayed or actually is a Red Goat or Bull individual with

Horns & Cloven Hooves thirsting for blood, animal & child sacrifices. Well, you just proved you don't know your Bible & have directly called your God

& every kindness that he's afforded you, pure evil. The Religions & The Religious of the world even allowed this blaspheme to not only be created, but

they've endorsed the whole concept through their own publications, articles & even self-sponsored & produced movies. The entire World's Religious

Community fully allowed further defilement of their God & Bible by letting The Church of Satan & Satanism itself adopt & own this depiction &

description of everyone's God in the 1960's.

See: Numbers 19:2 (Read the whole page to reconsider shaking everyone's hand),

Leviticus 11:3 (Read the whole page to reconsider the other white meat or bacon),

Exodus 13:1 (Read the whole page to reconsider the seriousness of Sin & God)

I'll end here with some commentary about the concept failures of all Religions, Bibles & therefore The Religious entirely. One main item of mine is that

no-one even considers sin as anything permanent nor catastrophic, though the Bible & God are incredibly clear. From Genesis to The Revelation the

single largest point is that you die if you fail God. Whether that turns out to be here & right now or sometime up to the day of your natural old age

physical death. The unknowing Atheist Religious of today preach that to mean Hell & eternal unbearable physical torture. Yet, no Jew, Christian,

Muslim or Hindu person, priest nor organization remotely acts nor conducts themselves as if their own preaching has any real meaning.

Yes, I've shown you Hell, Hades & Death are just figurative & no-one goes beyond dust & ashes. But, that wasn't at all your belief or understanding

until now & likely still isn't in your stubborn ill-gotten & truly invented fantasy that everyone in your church, group or family are all going straight to 

Heaven.  Again, just ignorance upon ignorance as you cling to forgetting & ignoring The Flood or especially Job & Jesus. These are single people & a

single family out of an entire world of people that were literally the only ones that God found worthy. Do you even comprehend the odds against you

following God's correct path while emulating the rest of the world?

You don't trust God, you have no real faith, you haven't even heard God's voice or seen him do anything for you beyond occasional coincidence. But,

The Religious disgustingly profess how "blessed" they are for "receiving" such great kids, job, parents, house, car, health or life. Well, I'm sorry to

burst your bubble, but everyone has that regardless or their Religion, belief or Atheism. You're nothing special & you're not any different from anyone

else, you're just committed to your own little insane fantasy by turning a blind eye to the rest of the world.

You wouldn't quit your job. Kill anyone for sinning or even openly breaking The Sabbath. Quit your medicine or medicine man. If, God or Jesus

appeared before you with clear instruction to kill a sinner, you wouldn't. You'd ask why & how & when & what did they do & can I try to save them first,

etc. Before you'd even seriously consider it. Well, that's the faith you don't have because "your God" is warm, fuzzy & easy going. What you never

understood is Military Rule. That, the numbers have already been crunched & options fully weighed. You do or you're out & that's all God was ever

about. To conclude, your Bible is talking to you & your fellow followers, not to everyone. None have performed their Eleventh Commandment duty of

killing sinners to keep God's people pure. Yet, with all your above errors you still declare your devotion, piety & intimacy with God & Jesus.


The All Knowing God

Maybe you think God knows, sees & directs everything with perfection, past, present & future. Well, He doesn't & literally never did. Do you think that's

insane or impossible & not at all supported by the Bible? Well then, you really don't know anything about God as you continue to absolve him from any

& all wrong doing. Maybe you think God has a law against Seducing or Raping Children or Cannibalism, well, you're wrong.

See: Genesis 1:2,9-10(*),16,27-28 & 2:6(*),8,13-15,24 & 3:all & 4:all & 5:24(*)-the rest & 6:1-13 & 18:20-32

(The Asterisk (*) denotes that you should compare these so you may see God's large flaws)

3) TESTING & FAILING - Bible Code project (10/08) - '08, '09 or '10 is the End of Our World (SEE MY YOUTUBE VIDEOS @ IGGYOCRACY BELOW)
This investigation, so far, has mimicked the Moon People project by finding everything by simply looking. I blew away the accuracy of most Bible Coders, especially the TV shows & documentaries, who only use 3 or 4 words with no indication of their usage or intent. Sorry to be so negative of others, but what the hell are they doing & what is taking so long. I even had time in my month to debunk countless experts & other Coders, I'm sorry I just don't understand how these people get paid to do anything, even my What's Not in The Bible Code YT vid proves we have complete idiots running the Bible Code's super-poor research. I know 1998 put a big change on the populous but did everyone go brain dead, is the world really stupid enough to not check on these people & just ignore everything as coincidence & magic. Agreeably & blatantly we deserve to be replaced by aliens & pre-programmed life forms or clones, most of our zombie robots, I mean people, were there long ago. This Bible Code (in any language) has physically proven itself again & again (nothing for PRE-diction though) & appears to be the Alien's (don't get me started on "God") playbook of our world, which apparently doesn't seem to interest many or any in "power", just amazing. Currently, the codes I found are in test mode with the first test completing by 10-22-08, which is the introduction to live aliens that was initially scheduled for 10-14 to 10-16-08. While I find this difficult to believe I also would not be surprised, The Moon People were missed by every, so called, expert for 40 years & the Bible Code appears to have just needed the right questions asked as well. I hope my codes are right & we only have until 11-13-10 before we're all put into "concentration" camps. How much are you willing to bow to these idiots who've run our country, world & each individuals reputation into the ground?
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