Part 1 (done in a small group)
  • What are the the 10 cloud types?
  • At which range of altitude are each of them normally found?
  • What do they look like? (use descriptive words)
  • What type of weather is associated with each type of cloud?
  • Include a sketch of each type on the provided small group data sheet.
  • Include the name of at least three web resources (just the main URL)
  • List the one your group used as the "best" resource.
Part 2 (done independently)
  • Create your own tree map using the data collection sheet to sort details about each type of cloud with each of the High, Middle, and Low altitude zones.
  • Choose at least two types to compare in a writing sample and state which one is your favorite and include supporting details as to why it's your favorite... (find the assignment in Google Classroom on Monday)

~ A few resources to get you started ~

Remember to write the Main Part of the URL on your data collection sheet
(that's the field you type in at the top of the browser that starts with "https:// "or "http://")

Unit conversion tool #1 and tool #2 (use as needed)
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