Silas Njoroge

Welcome! This site represents my work toward my doctorate in Instructional Design and Technology from the University of Memphis.

My name is Silas Njoroge. I am math instructor with the Knowlodge is Power Program (KIPP Memphis Collegiate High School) . I am a holder of a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from the Lemoyne-Owen College and a Master’s degree in Applied Computer Science from the University of Memphis. My master’s specialty is in the area of database administration.
During the course of my masters program, gained familiarity with concepts in Database Design, Data Mining, Cryptography, Data Security, Operating Systems, Human and Computer Interaction, and Cyber Ethics.
I have worked in industry at Fedex Services as a Database Administrator intern where I was involved in designing, implementing, and supporting IMS Databases.
My knowledge of developing data driven web applications, coupled with my teaching experience has led me to venture into the IDT field with the aim of developing and implementing creative and innovative ways of learning at K-12 school level.

I am currently a second year student in the IDT doctoral program. My goal is to work in industry as an Instructional Designer, as an Instructor, or  Consultant.
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