This "Google Docs Training on Demand" Session is geared to teach the basics of Google Apps for Edu - specifically Mail and Drive. This session should take 4 hours although can be 'covered' in a 2 hour fast track session if audience has prior knowledge.  Users will be challenged to move quickly to get a "preview" of the many tools available in the GAFE suite.  Participants will leave prepared to choose apps/topics for further development.
Gmail is More than Email

  • Priority Inbox
  • Archive - Instead of deleting you can archive - archived mail will leave the inbox go to All Mail (and is searchable)
  • Labels (can apply multiple labels to a single conversation)
    • Create a label. Assign an email that label. Archive.
  • Filtering - manage the flow of incoming mail - archive, star, label, or delete before coming to your inbox
  • Conversation View - Do you like conversations grouped together or separate. Select your preference.
  • Labs - Click on the Gear>Settings>Labs.
    • Assignment - Enable Send & Archive, Undo Send, Default Text Styling, Create a Document, Insert Images,
  • Vacation Responder
  • Signature
    • Assignment - Create a Signature

Google Docs Basics to Efficient 

Docs (60 Minutes) -

You will need a partner for this - groups larger than 2 are fine as well!
  • Documents
    • Uploading and Converting a Word Document to a Google Doc
    • Create a New Google Doc and Name it
    • Share a Google Doc with your partner.
  • Spreadsheet/Forms
    • Open this example of a Retirement Calculator from the Template Gallery
    • Create a form survey
    • Create a monthly temperature chart.
  • Presentation
    • Create a New Presentation & choose a theme
    • Name the Presentation
    • Insert an image
    • Insert a You Tube Video (if it is not blocked).
    • Insert a new slide
    • Add a transition
    • Make the presentation "public" (that is ok, we can delete it later)
  • Draw - Create a "Digital Poster!"
  • Template Gallery
    • How to submit a doc to the template gallery - only do this for things that need to be shared/repurposed.
    • Find a doc in the template gallery
Sites - Start your own Portfolio!  (40 Minutes)
  • Create a Site
  • Apply a template
  • Create Pages - Document, Presentation, Image, Video.
  • Embed a Google Doc, Google Presentation, Image from URL, Image from CPU, and Video.
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