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Hi!  I'm Doc Mosher.

If you are already flying or building or dreaming of building a Piet, we probably already know each other.  For some seven years, my wife Dee and I edited and published the Brodhead Pietenpol Association quarterly newsletter.  During that time, I collected countless Piet-based publications, plans, and correspondence concerning everything Pietenpol.   A lot of people who had Pietenpol information or memorabilia sent things to me with the result being almost a mini-Piet museum in my office, especially information on paper with drawings and photos.

After the newsletter publication was passed to a different editor/publisher, I found that my interest in the Pietenpol community and it’s people had not diminished.  Having so much information on hand and the time and interest  to share it with others, Pietenpol Plans Plus came into existence.

Probably the largest challenge for anyone starting to build a Pietenpol Air Camper is gathering all the updated changes to the airplane over its eight decades of development. There is no Pietenpol “factory” to which you can ask questions.  The only plans that you can use are really simply copies of the original 1932 or 1934 plans.  These, while very necessary,  give only the basics for construction.  Over the years, with hundreds (thousands?) of builders, there have been certain updates by individual builders.   The original plans show only the Ford Model A engine.  If you want a different engine, you will want some guidance for the change.

If you purchased the 1934 “Improved Air Camper” plans and followed them exactly, you would have a very nice looking museum display of a 1934 airplane. A Ford Model A engine, no brakes, no seat belts, a one-piece 29 foot wing, no tail wheel, etc.  To build a practical FAA-approved modern flyable Pietenpol you would need all this (and much more) additional information.  You need the plans and additional information to actually build and fly a safe approved airplane. Where should you start?

This is why Pietenpol Plans Plus was established. I am now set up to provide the necessary plans and a full menu of updates and modifications, documentation and guidance at very reasonable prices to help you get what you need at a one-stop location.


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