The Workshop on Multimedia Document Processing in an HTML5 World will be held in 2 different sessions (morning and afternoon) on September 19th during ACM DocEng '11, which will take place from September 19-22, 2011 in Google headquarters in Mountain View, California, USA. The workshop aims to examines the impact of HTML5 on research and systems support for multimedia documents. We will consider issues such as extensibility, adaptivity and maintenance, and will discuss the future needs for Multimedia in a Web context.

The evolution in media support within W3C standards has led to the development of HMTL5. HTML5 provides extensive support for audio/video/timed-text within an interoperable browser context.

Topics of interest

Topics of interest of this workshop include but are not limited to:
  • Document Processing on the Web
  • Multimedia synchronization in HTML5
  • Multimedia accessibility in HTML5
  • Multimedia adaptability in HTML5
  • Document maintenance on the Web
  • Document extensibility in the Web
  • Authoring tools in the HTML5 context
  • Browser issues
  • Video playback in HTML5
  • TV on the Web
  • Interactive video
  • etc.

You can also join our discussion page to make suggestions, and coordinate the discussion pre-workshop.